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Window Pods For A Perfect Indoor Garden

Window Sheaths are flower pots –totally re-imagined for contemporary, urban homes. Each Capsule is a vertical yard installed precisely your home window – where the sunlight is. Sun + plants is an excellent combination.

Window Sheathings are:

  • Gorgeous –Perfectly frame an unique, living, eco-friendly masterpiece on your home window.
  • Convenient– Hulls mount in just seconds, take up no flooring or shelf area, and also are a wind to water as well as keep.
  • Healthy and balanced –Fresh-grown herbs offer tasty phytonutrients – straight from window-to-table.

In between metropolitan apartments, cool climates, as well as a busy routine, it can be tough to discover the moment or area to purchase your very own fresh edibles, let alone grow them.Window Capsules transform the game by changing any type of warm window into a beautiful vertical yard. A Home window Shuck can expand fresh wheatgrass in as low as one week, from growing to harvest (growing natural herbs takes longer).


Window Shucks are a substantial improvement over conventional growing pots By putting plants on the home window – they get the ideal quantity of sunshine every day. Not just does this create perfect expanding problems for plants – the upright positioning of the yard also saves area for individuals in a metropolitan residence.


Each Window Hull is made from light-weight, durable, as well as environment-friendly polypropylene – with an iconic, white minimal design. Mount simply one Window Vessel, or load your entire window with an ever-changing eco-friendly focal point.


Window Husks are designed to be modular, simple to install, and very easy to water. Simply push the suction cup onto the window – and slip the husk down onto it. Raise to eliminate the plant and also water. The vessels’ simplicity of setup indicates that you can totally re-configure the layout of your window shucks in a matter of minutes – permitting you to design an entirely unique metropolitan garden.


Greater productivity, happiness, as well as fulfillment are a few of the advantages of maintaining interior plants.The aesthetic experience of plants provides micro-restoration. — the chance for our brains to relax and recharge throughout the day.

Fresh Natural herbs

Fresh herbs have the highest possible phytonutrient content of any type of group of greens – by much.Window Shells enable you to expand and also keep tasty natural herbs on a warm window near the kitchen area. – all set to be cooked, or blended into a fresh salad.

Clean Air

NASA researchers recommend efficient air cleansing is achieved with a minimum of one plant per 100 square feet. Having excellent indoor air top quality is extremely important, especially since a number of us spend a lot time inside.

The Story

This task began concerning a year back, when I filled the whole sill of my window with heavy potted plants. Instead than just relocate my bed, I thought Would not it be fantastic if I can attach these plants to the window glass ….

The first prototype (left) - and the final version (right)
The initial model (left) – as well as the last version (right).

My initial Home window Skin prototypes were not ideal (as you can see over), however the very early layouts assisted me find out what would really function. Something that I understood is that although a square design optimizes the quantity of soil in the container, it is way as well easy to knock them off the window while shutting my window blinds. Having the very early styles fall was bad, since soil would fly everywhere. The rounded, drop-resistant last product enables home window blinds to easily close over them.

The initial model additionally had magnetic add-ons, which were great due to the fact that they allowed the plants to connect to the fridge, however ultimately the magnets were a bad concept, since they permitted Pods to accidentally detach from the window when sidewards force was applied.

The final, simple Home window Capsule design is the product of several decisions that came to be clear while I was growing plants inside. They are additionally guided by my ideas on exactly how to considerably boost various other indoor, vertical-gardening solutions.

Obtaining the final layout created was not easy, however the completed Home window Pods are straight-up amazing. I currently ordered a minimum quantity – as well as provided to buddies as well as family members to check out. My mother likes them!( hopefully various other people will certainly as well …).

The Campaign Goal

Now, I have actually tried to take product images of the Home window Pods that make them look as gorgeous as they do in real-life.

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