How To Make a Raised Garden Planter Bed

If you are going to be investing a lot of time in your garden this year planting veggies and more, then we have a great task here to help you begin planting best way. An easy do it yourself project called a Raised Planter Bed that will fit in practically any sized lawn. The wood expense $50 dollars at our local house enhancement store and this gardening task did not take long at all, just about 3 hours.

Ensure to determine your garden location or location you will be positioning the planter bed and make a note of the measurements so you know what size and quantity of wood you will require to purchase. We have not included the exact measurements of our diy Planter bed as everyone’s gardening area is various. This action by step is suggested to give you concepts and influence you. Likewise, you can use any type of wood that suites you or is less expensive, simply make certain to use a wood finish and stain on the wood to safeguard and seal the wood when you are completed building it. See below for the action by step pictures.You might likewise have an interest in our Vertical Garden Pyramid Planter .

How To Build a Raised Planter BedFinished Raised Garden Planter Bed

Action 1– All of our wood pieces cut. Now time to start assembling our Raised Planter Bed.

2 First screws are in. This will be one of the end pieces.

Step 2– Very first screws remain in. This will be among the end pieces of our planter.

3 More end pieces being put together.

Action 3– More end pieces being created.

4 Both end pieces ready for their sides.

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Step 4– Both end pieces ready for the sides to be attached.

5 Sides are going together nicely.

Step 5– Sides are being screwed together.

6 Sides are on.

Step 6– Sides are screwed together on our diy planter bed.

7 Assembled and upside down waiting for holes dug for the posts.

Step 7– Completely put together and put upside down waiting for the holes to be dug for the posts to suit.

8 added black liner to bottom of planter

Step 8– Included some black liner to the bottom of planter for weed control.

9 Finished and filled with gardening dirt

Step 9– Completed planter and filled with gardening dirt– All set to plant our Garden !!

Large Raised Garden Planter

Update: Here is another Large Raised Garden Planter we made with our Garden growing in it!

Mini Raised Garden Planter

Update: Here is another Mini Raised Garden Planter we developed with our little garden growing.

diy cheap small raised garden planter

Another extremely basic smaller raised garden planter for a medium sized garden area.
We used pressure treated 2 x 6’s for the sides and 4 x 4’s for the corners with some treated deck screws.
The 4 x 4’s hang a couple of inches below the sides to keep the boxes from moving.
We got all of the lumber for our little garden planters from Home Depot and it cost around $30.

square foot gardening raised planter with fence

Square foot gardening raised planter with wooden chicken wire fence.

Huge Garden Planter Box made of Redwood and 8' feet long by 3' feet wide

Sent in by a reader: Huge Garden Planter Box made of Redwood and 8 feet long by 3 feet wide.

raised planter bed with casters wheels

Raised planter boxes on wheels/ casters.
Size is 2 ‘ x 4″ each, simply over 2’ feet 4 ” high with the casters set up on the bottom.
Soil depth container is 12 ” and the bottom shelf has about 3 ” of clearance to hold drain water trays.