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How to Make a Fairy Garden

I wished to share a truly easy craft concept to do with the kids that has a big wow element.

Fairy Gardens are such a whimsical addition to your outside space, they trigger imagination and imagination in kids. The idea of a fairy garden is that you add little plants, structures and flowers to produce a wonderful location where fairies can come and bring good luck and blessings to your house.

Last year my little lady was taken with the idea of tea parties and fairy gardens and playing outdoors and she actually had a fairy garden themed birthday celebration. A fairy garden does not have to be just for intense, bright garden areas outdoors.

Here is the very first concept to develop your own fairy garden- this one is for outdoor spaces. We live in California and have relatively moderate and warm weather condition for the majority of spring and summer and fall so our garden will be outdoors for numerous months and then when the rain and wind launches in early winter season, I’ll just pack it up.

How to create a fairy garden for kids

I used a large red wine barrel planter we have actually had for a couple of years and filled it with fresh soil. A serving tray would work, a galvanized bucket, a saucer from the bottom of a planter or truly any container you may have available. This is a terrific time to truly get creative with any enjoyable little things that may work that you have on hand. Sennheiser Cx 6.00 Bt Amazon earphones . I currently had a few supplies left from Maya’s birthday last year and I started with:

how to create a fairy garden tutorial

Some synthetic flowers, a bag of moss, moss covered rocks, stones, tiny shells and a I had a few minis from the celebration in 2015- little fairies, a small birdhouse and my favorite is this adorable ladybug tire swing.

You can discover items best for this project in the garden supply centers at craft shops or the Dollar Store or some craft stores have large sections of fairy garden materials in late winter/early Spring. Numerous of those products might not work for outside however I found some beloved little tiny terra cotta pots that were best.

How to Create a fairy garden

Next I got some flowers from House Depot and arbitrarily planted those throughout the space. You may pick some taller plants and smaller succulents or flowers or whatever will work for the light and area you have readily available in your garden.

It is necessary to roughly set out your fairy garden style prior to you start in fact planting. I utilized a stay with draw out in the dirt where the house would go, the course and after that filled in the plants around those areas.

How to create an outdoor fairy garden

I truly wanted the kids to be involved as much as possible so we emptied out the bag of stones (from the garden department at Joann’s) and they painted fun designs- little rainbows, sunlight, ladybugs and so on. My 8 year old did a little beach scene on among the rocks and my 6 years of age painted a little rainbow that we utilized as a welcome mat for among the fairy homes.

Next we began putting products. I hadn’t found a fairy home yet and I knew I wanted that to be the centerpiece of the garden so we plopped a pot in as a placeholder and proceeded and included the products we did have.

How to Create a Fairy Garden

I made a little garden path from some crushed up seashells that appear like little stones and after that the women began including in the accessories where they desired them. Typically you do not in fact utilize little fairies in a fairy garden however once again we had a few of these little ceramic fairies on hand from in 2015’s birthday party and they truly look so quite in the garden.

Here is the ended up product:

How to start a fairy garden

And one last little thing you can contribute to truly make your fairy garden extra magical- fairy lights! You can find these in practically every big house goods store (Pier 1, Target, World Market etc. or grab them online here ) I absolutely love these little battery ran twinkle lights and I utilize them all the time.( See how I used them in mason jars for outdoor entertaining here.).

I didn’t make these a long-term part of the garden but I will simply twist these around the circle of the planter when we are playing or swimming or consuming outside this spring and summertime.

How to Create a Fairy Garden

And if you are interested in making an indoor only version of the fairy garden, here is the focal point I made in 2015. This is a saucer from a planter that I picked up at Home Depot and I just added stones, synthetic moss, the rocks you see visualized at the top of the post, and other little aspects and I believe it ended up really charming.

How to Make an indoor fairy garden

And one last choice! Here is a tabletop version of a fairy garden that is so cute and I included a little video so you can see how everything came together

How to create a fairy garden

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