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How to Make These Easy Do It Yourself Succulents

Making these succulent wedding favors? When we spotted these potted succulent favors, we discovered simply how easy these were to make, even on a bigger scale (i.e. for wedding event prefers or bridal shower prefers ). You’ll just require a couple of standard supplies that are simple and quite economical to discover; we’ll inform you where to get them and how to put it all together Even if you’re an amateur DIY-er, you’ll discover this task is so simple, you can even do them while watching Netflix. You will discover these succulent wedding prefers so ridiculously simple to make, you can do them while capturing up on your preferred shows.

Discover out how to make your very own DIY succulent wedding event prefers, get the products you require (including where the heck to buy succulents wholesale ), and find out 2 reasons succulent favors are a fantastic idea for visitors and for your spending plan. Enjoy!

Here is an example of these succulent wedding prefers that are all the rage right now (from. La Jolla Jade. ).



And … here’s what you need to do to make ’em yourself.

Where to Purchase Succulents for your Wedding in Bulk.

You’re going to require a few materials. For starters, succulents … and lots of ’em.


You’ll want to purchase your succulents in. bulk. due to the fact that you’ll save a lots of cash. I went to my local big-chain garden center today and whoa., succulents are crazy costly when you buy them individually. Go the path of shops like. this. or. this or my newest favorite–. this shop. on Etsy, La Jolla Jade. She has some of the prettiest succulent cuts I have actually ever seen.

Here are some examples from. La Jolla Jade.


If you’re yearning even more range, you’ll love these bulk succulents revealed below. Here are some examples of the succulents you’ll get. Aren’t they glorious? Typically, in an order, you won’t get more than 2 of the very same one! That’s a lot of enjoyable for offering away as a wedding. favor. .



These succulents are delivered in 2-inch pots. That’s good to understand, particularly when you’ll need to buy your next supplies: containers.

Succulent Containers.


The containers you choose to utilize are completely approximately you. You can select the glass containers, like the pictures in our examples, which you can discover. here . You’re going to want to buy. 4 oz. quilted jelly containers . The. cost is pretty fantastic in bulk. I think so, anyway! This 4 oz.

Some other containers include these enjoyable discovers!

Clay Succulent Planters.

I love these. white planters which are a bit more pricey but look trendy and contemporary! They even come with bamboo trays. I may even get these for my windowsill.


Also lovin’ on. these. modern succulent pots


These colorful glazed clay pots are truly enjoyable! A little more pricey, but possibly worth it if you like them enough

Or these .

Terracotta Succulent Pots.

We’ve seen other examples where brides utilized. terra cotta. pots, like these. You can actually. order these. Do It Yourself succulent favors pre-planted right in the pots of your option! It goes from this …


… right into the terracotta pots and delivered to your door.


Perfection. And nearly too easy!

If you’re purchasing succulents in other places and want to put them in terracotta pots yourself, you can buy them wholesale here or go to your local craft store. As a note: don’t get plastic. Always get clay. They’ll look much nicer, especially since you’re providing these DIY succulent wedding event favors to your guests.

Include your trimmings.

soil, rocks, twine and a tag.

Include some potting soil, a little water (not excessive, follow the directions carefully), a few of. these rocks. or. these. A bit of twine like if you ‘d like. this and a favor tag– something. easy like this. or. this which currently includes string, works well. Hand-write each visitor’s name with these. ; they are fine-point, permanent, and won’t smear. They’re my. go-to marker. for every single craft job.

Why We Love These DIY Succulent Wedding Event Favors.

Still on the fence about providing succulent wedding event favors to guests? There are 2 reasons they make a fantastic choice.

1. Succulents are so easy to look after + individuals love plants.

Instead of some impersonal favor your guests will ultimately toss in the trash, succulents are sweet potted plants that everybody seems to love. Succulents basically require simply a couple of essentials: a little light, a little water, and a great deal of love. Offering succulents is an excellent method to spend your wedding event favor budget due to the fact that it’s not a throw-a-way gift; it’s a wedding event favor your visitors will enjoy right away at home.

2. Succulent favors can double as escort cards, saving you cash.

These Do It Yourself succulent wedding prefers can be utilized as favors and escort cards or location cards. Place these succulent wedding event favors at your escort table and include an indication for guests to take one and discover their seats.

I hope you taken pleasure in these Do It Yourself succulent wedding prefers as much as we did! Snap an image in the remarks if you’re making your own! We ‘d enjoy to see your stunning favors!

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