Indoor Garden Kits – Your Key to Starting Indoor Gardening

Indoor garden kits are the quickest way to get started with an indoor garden, because they contain everything you need — a container, potting soil and even seeds.

You can find such indoor garden kits at garden stores and even supermarkets. Choose one that is interesting for you — for example, an indoor herb garden kit. It’s how I got started with indoor gardening.

Indoor Garden Kit

The fact that I could use my own herbs in my cooking was what got me really excited about it. And these days I’m glad to say that I’m still cooking with basil, coriander, parsley and chives growing from my first garden kit!

Sowing Seeds

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The seed packets that came with your garden kit very likely contain some instructions, such as:

    • How deep to sow the seeds


    • How far apart they should be


    • How much light they should get


    • How often they should be watered


Follow these instructions because they relate specifically to the seeds you have purchased. Watering instructions may not be provided. As a general rule, water to keep the soil moist for most herbs. If you’ve bought a cactus kit, you really only need to water every couple of weeks. These guys aren’t thirsty at all and watering them too much will cause their roots to rot! If in doubt, search Google on recommended watering instructions.

Indoor Gardening Resources

Beginner Indoor Gardening is filled with useful tips for you as a beginner gardener. Take a look at my indoor gardening tips and indoor gardening guide. They’ll provide you with a good, rounded foundation to get started as a green thumb!

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