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exactly how to start? (Willem Van Cotthem)– CONTAINER GARDENING

With each other with my friend Gilbert VAN DAMME (Zaffelare, Belgium) I have established some effective trying outs vertical gardening in\” container towers\”.

We are using all type of recycled containers, e.g. plastic containers, pots, containers. The containers are piled into\” towers\”..

Today, I will certainly define the method how to start a.\” bottle tower\”., illustrating the various steps with some photos:.

2011-09-07 – Action 1: We leave the lid on container No. 1 (Image WVC).
2011-09-07 – Action 2: We reduced the bottom component of container No. 1 (Picture WVC).
2011-09-07 – Action 3: Base part of the container No. 1 removed (Photo WVC).
2011-09-07 – Action 4: With a sharp object (below scissors) the wall surface of bottle No. 1 is perforated at 2-4\” (5-10 centimeters) from the top of the lid (Picture WVC).
2011-09-07 – Step 5: A second opening (water drainage opening) is made diagonally throughout the bottle No. 1. Below the 2 holes a small get of water is maintained in the bottle. With these water drainage openings a possible excess of water can be evacuated( Photo WVC).
2011-09-07 – Action 6: Bottle No. 1 is full of potting soil (or a mixture of dirt and manure) approximately 1-2\” (2,5-5 centimeters) of the side of the bottle (Photo WVC).
2011-09-07 – Step 7: Container No. 1 is the bottom container of the future tower (Picture WVC).
2011-09-07 – Step 8: For the next 3 containers (No. 2, 3 and 4, without the 2 drainage openings) we take the cover off and reduce the lower component (Photo WVC).
2011-09-07 – Action 9: After filling up the 3 bottles (No. 2, 3 and 4) with potting soil, they will be put upon the bottom container of the tower (Picture WVC).
2011-09-07 – Action 10: A tower of the 4 bottles (Picture WVC).
2011-09-07 – Action 11: The container tower is maintained upright with a number of straightforward wires (Image WVC).
2011-09-07 – Action 12: We use the top part of a container (No. 5, without the lid) as a push the traffic jam and also channel into the soil of the upper bottle No. 4 (Picture WVC).
2011-09-07– Tip 13: A container No. 6 will be made use of as a watertank on top of the channel (Container No. 5). A small (1 mm) opening of the lid is made (below with a drill) (Photo WVC).
2011-09-07– Tip 14: Container no. 6 is the top container, made use of as a watertank, water running slowly with this small hole (Picture WVC).
2011-09-07– Tip 15: Watertank container No. 6 is pressed into bottle No. 5, the channel (Image WVC).
2011-09-07 – Step 16: The entire tower is now progressively dampened by pouring water in the top bottle No. 6 with its perforated lid. Water leaks right into the channel (Container No. 5) and also with this it infiltrates right into the potting dirt of bottles No. 4, 3, 2 and 1, where a possible excess of water will be left through the 2 drain holes in the wall surface (Picture WVC).
2011-09-07 – Action 17: Water runs slowly from the watertank (Bottle No. 6) right into the funnel (Bottle No. 5) and also from there into the soil of Bottle No. 4 (Picture WVC).
2011-09-07 – Step 17: Water running gradually from the watertank (Bottle No. 6) right into the funnel (Bottle No. 5) (Picture WVC).
2011-09-07 – Step 18: With a sharp blade we cut a horizontal slit and two vertical slits in Bottles No. 4, 3, 2 and 1( Image WVC).
2011-09-07 – Step 19: Therefore a small \”home window\” is developed in Bottles No. 4, 3, 2 and also 1 (Picture WVC).
2011-09-07 – Step 20: With a finger one can press a tiny tooth cavity in the potting dirt (Image WVC).
2011-09-07 – Action 21: The rootball of seed startings or young plants can be planted in the \”window\” of each container (Photo WVC).
2011-09-07 – Action 22: Pretty quickly brand-new roots will certainly be formed in the humid potting soil as well as the young plants will certainly start their growth without to be sprinkled routinely, since the complete tower is practically not loosing water (practically no dissipation) (Image WVC).
2011-09-07 – Step 23: It takes only a number of weeks to see all the species of herbs and veggies, planted in the \”container windows\”, creating right into superb fresh food, packed with vitamins and also mineral aspects (Photo WVC).
2011-09-07 – Action 23: An exceptional kitchen area garden is born with minimal means as well as initiatives. It can be established at any kind of place in rural and metropolitan areas, an extremely reliable tool in the combat of hardship, poor nutrition as well as appetite (Picture WVC).

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