Leading 10 Reduced Light Terrarium Plant Kingdoms


on Mar 16, 2015

Top Ten Low Light Terrarium Plants

We love terrariums. They’re like little worlds that you can curate and style to your eco-friendly thumb’s web content. The work and also love that goes into planning, planting, decorating, and also admiring a terrarium, absolutely nothing feels worse than to have one fail on you.

As those people who just don’t obtain great sun in their residences may currently know, absence of light is the primary reason that your terrarium plants may croak (alongside overwatering, of course). However don’t give up right now! There are lots of low light forgiving plants around– even succulents!– that job marvels in terrariums.

Our Top 10 Reduced Light Terrarium Plant Kingdoms

Succulents as well as Cacti:

1– Rhipsalis varieties
Occasionally called \”mistletoe cactus,\” we love this category of epiphytic jungle cacti for it’s intense eco-friendly branches one-of-a-kind structure. Plus there are thousands of ranges, every one of which are well matched for low-medium light.

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2– Hatiora salicornioides \”Drunkard’s bones\”
Think about Drunkard’s bones as Rhipsalis’ woodier relative. Much more upright growing, we enjoy this plant because in addition to being very easy to take care of, it creates an uncannily undersea ambiance in a terrarium.

This low light terrarium features rhipsalis, hatiora, haworhtia and gasteria species.

This low light terrarium features rhipsalis, hatiora, haworhtia and also gasteria varieties

3– Haworthia species

Our ultimate go-to succulent for low light terrariums, planters and just about everything else, members of the haworthia genus are sometimes striped with white, sometimes jewel-like, and always beautiful and just as hardy. We use a haworthia in just about every low light terrarium we make!

4– Gasteria species
A haworthia and aloe relative, gasteria are smoother and also much less geometric than a few other succulents, yet easy to look after and also producing lots of baby descendant plants.

low light terrarium with pothos brasil

This reduced light terrarium features a pothos brasil as well as an asparagus brush.

5– Philodendron types

The quintessential “beginner” houseplant, philodendron (especially darker-leafed, non-variegated varieties) thrive in a tropical terrarium. Given their vining habit, they fare particularly well in hanging vessels.

6– Philodendron hederaceum ‘Brasil’.

Want variegation? Philodendron hederaceum ‘Brasil’ (and more common golden pothos) have you covered. This plant is nearly indestructible and makes a great low light terrarium plant.

7– Fittonia ‘Nerve plant’.
Since it’s extremely conscious drying out, fittonia makes an ideal reduced light terrarium plant. Since it’s starkly formed fallen leaves give color and contrast– it makes a wonderful accent plant– just do not fail to remember to maintain it damp, we like it.

8– Sansevieria ‘Serpent plant’ (portable varieties).
The best low-maintenance plant, straddling the line between delicious and exotic, sansevieria, especially smaller sized, extra small species, prosper in a low light terrarium with little care. This plant is an excellent option for somebody that needs low light terrarium plants however does not intend to need to keep in mind to water extremely commonly!


9– Cryptanthus.
In some cases called ‘Planet celebrities,’ we enjoy cryptanthus because, with their superficial roots, they fit almost anywhere. And also, they often have deep pink, green and also red colors, all on the very same plant! A gorgeous accent for your reduced light terrarium.

Fittonia and Crypthanus

Fittonia as well as Cryptanthus offer shade and also texture in low light terrariums.


10– Hemionitus arifolia/ Heart Brush.
Several individuals swear by ferns as the ideal low light terrarium plants, we have actually located that the Heart Brush prices the finest of them all. Beautifully shaped as well as slow-moving growing, this bright green appeal makes an amazing option for a reduced light terrarium.

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