10 Low-Maintenance Perennials

Do you like lovely flowers? Do you likewise love NOT spending a great deal of time in the garden to keep them beautiful? Then I have the ideal answer for you! 10 low-maintenance perennials that will thrive in your backyard and produce gorgeous foliage and flowers all season long.

In between kids, job, house, spouse (and whatever else that falls through the fractures), I do not have time for high-maintenance anything in my life right now. Specifically in my yard! Plants have to meet two requirements before they go in the ground here.

  1. They need to be a seasonal.
  2. They must be low maintenance.

I have actually found out over the years that anything else won’t survive my crazy schedule and sometimes neglectful care.

At one point or another I have actually had each of the following plants in my yard, and they have all thrived.

10 Low-Maintenance Perennials


1. Coneflower A durable flowering seasonal, the Coneflower will bloom from early summertime to fall. The Coneflower succeeds in drought conditions and will grow to around 3 feet tall.

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2. Iris The Iris is an increasing marvel! Its bulbs will increase each year, and you will rapidly wind up with a mass of gorgeous flowers on tall green stalks. Once they are developed, Irises need little care, and bulbs can be divided and replanted in other areas of your lawn..


3. Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemums are an easy-to-grow seasonal that will offer fall color in your yard. There are numerous different types of Mums, so make sure to pick a garden range mum that is ideal for your zone..


4. Sedum Sedum is a splendidly reputable groundcover. I currently have Sedum in a rock wall and it is thriving, even without a devoted water source.


5. Yarrow Yarrow is a very hardy perennial, and succeeds in cold, heat, and drought conditions. This plant is likewise deer resistant, so I have planted it throughout my yard! If deer are an issue in your backyard, then don’t miss my favorite. 10 deer-resistant plants. !

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6. Daylily Daylilies require little attention, and they are foreseeable plants that can also be divided and replanted as they spread. One of the finest presents that I ever received was a bag of Daylily plants that had actually been divided from mature plants in a buddy’s backyard.


7. Coralbells Coralbells are a flashy, yet extremely low maintenance plant. This plant has unusual foliage and small bell-shaped flowers that flower on high, thin spikes.

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8. Hosta I’m partial to Hosta with big, brilliant green leafs and I enjoy having plants that come back larger and much better each year. Hostas are very easy to grow, but be conscious of insects that will harm the plants.russian sage19. Russian Sage Russian Sage has actually light colored, silver foliage and spiky lavender flowers that will cover the leaves from late spring until fall. This seasonal chooses dry conditions, making it a plant that is certainly low upkeep..peony

10. Peony I was surprised that such a resilient plant might produce such stunning flowers when I planted my very first Peony bush. Peony blossoms appear late spring to early summer and their charm is hard to beat. Peonies returns every year, with larger, showier flowers, and it needs minimal care, making this my preferred seasonal!

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