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Inspiration From Walking in My Awesome Veggie Garden

VEGETABLE GARDEN- A walk in the vegetable My favorite time to walk in the vegetable yard is in very early morning as well as night. On a night walk I took the camera out with me and caught some mid June growing activity in our veggie garden. This year we presented a couple brand-new selections to the garden as well as added a new box to earn the garden in proportion! Come walk with me as well as let’s check it out!

VEGETABLE GARDEN-bird house in the vegetable

I such as late spring horticulture. It’s not too warm and also the garden is workable as well as still neat. In one more month points will look fairly various. The yard will certainly be riotous as well as the heat and humidity so thick and also heavy! Veggies will certainly be taking over whatever … including some of the pathways..

The box (2 pictures listed below) holds marigolds, carrots, dianthus, snapdragons, spinach, Swiss chard, beans, more snaps and also collard eco-friendlies.

Snapdragons were my paternal grandmother’s favorite flower as well as marigolds were my Nani’s (mother’s grandmother) preferred flowers. I plant them yearly in honor of them! Can you see the intense orange of the marigold in the history of the photo listed below?


Each of our boxes are grown in the French extensive design. Whole lots of veggies and also flowers crammed in tightly with each other. It definitely maintains the weeds away in addition to the pests.

We have an organic garden so companion growing is essential!

VEGETABLE GARDEN-box with veggies and

We have actually always had a vegetable garden, below at StoneGable. Throughout the years it has actually been converted from one large open garden to increased beds. In 2014, Bobby placed our old outdoor patio pavers around the border of the yard making a walkway. This year he is loading in the facility mulch courses with the remainder of the pavers. I like to see how our yard progresses annually. It’s a lengthy and never ending procedure, yet we appreciate it so!

I hope the walks done before a specific national magazine concerns photograph it!

I would certainly like a little white fencing around the yard some day. With a gateway that has a Williamsburg style weight on it to maintain it closed. This would only be for ascetics, as we have no squirrels or bunnies to trouble the garden. The neighborhood hawks see to that! Possibly some day!

You could get a little peek of the walkway around the yard.

VEGETABLE GARDEN-box with veggies and a

It’s time to slim out my row of infant carrots we included this year. I’ll grow a brand-new row of carrots next to the one I already have.


We have been eating the Swiss chard for the recently. It’s tasty and tender therefore full of good-for-you nutrients! I like the vibrant stems!


My brand-new preferred recipe utilizing this lovely veggie is. ITALIAN SAUSAGE As Well As SWISS CHARD INDIVIDUAL PASTA . Yummy! You could see the dish. BELOW. .

ITALIAN SAUSAGE, SWISS CHARD INDIVIDUAL LASAGNA- Creamy sauce and lots of savory ingredients. A company worthy dish!

This year we are expanding butter crunch, spring mix, head lettuce, leafy green as well as our latest addition romaine. I enjoy to take a big dish out to the garden and load it!


Because it will certainly begin bolting, in another couple weeks it will be too hot to expand lettuce. Already I’ll be harvesting it from my new. TOWER GARDEN . Can you see the lettuce in the little pockets on the left?

The tower garden will create fruits, veggies as well as also flowers up until frost and after that all year long inside!

I’ll show you a lot more regarding this terrific upright, aquaponic garden next week.

VEGETABLE GARDEN-lettuce-tower

Here’s exactly what else I’m expanding in the garden …

Cabbage … and also.


They enjoy the yard. Every year I have significant returns from these pleased veggies!



Here is a very extremely simple and also tasty, garlic dill refrigerator pickles! Click. HERE. for the dish!

GARLIC DILL REFRIGERATOR PICKLES- so easy to make and scrumptious!- stonegable

The broccoli selection is brand-new to the yard this year! Along with them we grew cauliflower and also even more cabbage!

VEGETABLE Leeks as well as onions …


As well as eggplants … I believe the little eggplant blossoms are the prettiest in the garden. We have 3 selections this year!

VEGETABLE We grew peppers … lots as well as whole lots of vibrant peppers! And also tomatoes! Great deals of them also!

A few of our ranges have tiny tomatoes on them already! We buddy plant tomatoes with lovely salvia. It really does keep the bugs that such as the tomatoes away!

Bobby is really specific concerning his tomatoes. He putters in the garden as well as clips and trims and connections and really nurses them along! And also they will certainly award him (as well as all people also) with juicy, succulent tomatoes much into the loss.

Since our cherry, and also yellow grape tomatoes tend to take control of the garden by August, we planted them in pots this year! A brand-new experiment, along with potted fingerling potatoes, lining the side of the outdoor patio!


I prefer to grow flowers in the yard in addition to the veggies. My extremely favored summer flowers are zinnias! They are delighted and vivid as well as bright! I only grew the high ones this year. They make beautiful arrangements!


Together with the zinnias and snapdragons and marigolds and also dianthus and also salvia are lobelia as well as lisianthus and petunias as well as various other pretty annuals.

I grew two fifty percent barrels in the garden’s sidewalk with passionate summertime annuals. I occasionally fail to remember to sprinkle them so they require to be difficult flowers!

In no time at all, these young plantings will be spilling over the barrel!

Prior to we go, let’s peek into the birdhouse. There is a little family of bluebirds who have actually made it their residence! Our copper topped birdhouses were gifts from Bobby! They are made by a local Amish male that does a brisk birdhouse service. These birdhouses are really valuable items of art!

I’m intending to add another birdhouse to my collection this summer season … hint, hint, hint Bobby!

VEGETABLE GARDEN-birdhouse-vegetable

Thank you for walking with me in the yard today!!!!

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