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How to Harvest And Grow Chamomile

To look at my garden you would not understand that I as soon as had a hard time growing chamomile! I spent two years battling to grow a couple of spindly little plants that just produced a couple of flowers each. I had no idea how to grow chamomile.

grow and harvest chamomile

The couple of plants that started I kept in pots on my patio since I made sure they ‘d pass away in the garden. * sigh * They really had a hard time in those pots. Luckily I figured out the one trick to growing chamomile and now that I figured it out, I do not need it any longer!.And again and once again due to the fact that when you get a couple of chamomile plants growing well in your garden … they drop enough seeds every year to come back once again. You’ll never have to plant chamomile again!

The 2 most popular kinds of chamomile are Roman Chamomile.(.Anthemis nobilis.).and German Chamomile.(.Matricaria recutita.).

They have rather comparable homes but I decided to grow German chamomile. German chamomile is a taller.

yearly plant versus the shorter perennial Roman chamomile.. Normally I would say to plant the Roman variety and you’ll never have to plant it again. The way the German chamomile self seeds though, makes that kind of a moot point! I like to grow chamomile in the vegetable garden.

because it draws in ladybugs, any aphids that find my garden don’t stand a chance! The primary trick to growing chamomile was as easy as this: give up planting the seed. Apparently it needed sunshine to sprout and I was covering it with dirt and denying it of the main thing it requires. Offer the seed a nice soaking with the watering can and let it go. It sprouts like crazy. I had lots of plants the very first year I planted the chamomile seed this way! Chamomile quickly became one of the.

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growing chamomile

Chamomile likes the sun so a mostly warm area matches it best. I get so many growing that self seeded the year before that when I thin them out, I offer a lot of plants away!Unfortunately German chamomile does refrain from doing extremely well in pots, unless they’re really huge pots since it tends to get leading heavy.

Chamomile flowers have a yellow cone like center set amid fragile white daisy like petals. The flowers start with the petals folded over the center. The petals open outwards and the flowers are all set to be harvested when the petals start to fold back a little from the center..

To harvest chamomile, select the flowers after the early morning dew has dried off. I like to harvest them prior to twelve noon. I just pinch off the flower heads however you can cut them with scissors. Try to get as little stem as possible Once chamomile flowers start blooming, they will keep flowering for several weeks to about 2 months. When the heat of summer hits, they tend to die out as the plants dry up. You can most likely harvest two times a week while they’re flowering and each plant produces lots of little flowers! I blogged about how to succession plant a flower bed and I often plant chamomile in my lily or tulip beds to get more than one usage from the area each year. The chamomile dies out right as the lily’s are getting prepared to flower … or the tulips pass away before the chamomile gets big enough to hide them..

To dry chamomile for storage, you can spread it out on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and set it in a dry area like the top of the refrigerator. Your chamomile must be dry in a week or more.. Since chamomile seems to flower a lot at one time, I like to hurry things along by utilizing a dehydrator. I spread out the flowers out on the dehydrator sheets and set it as low as possible. After about 2 hours I start inspecting every hour.. When a flower head collapses quickly between your fingers, they’re done! Shop in an airtight jar in a cool dark location. I talk more about proper herb storage in.

drying chamomile

How To Shop Dried Herbs . I utilize chamomile primarily for its calming properties and utilize it typically in teas and herbal salves or lotions. It’s one of the primary active ingredients in my herbal sleep tea dish . I also like to utilize it to flavor different foods and beverages.. Meghan over at The Organic Goat Woman has an excellent recipe for Chamomile Kombucha. which is a scrumptious method to consume a few of the chamomile that’s bound to take over your garden and pantry! Or utilize some in a Chamomile and almond cake.! (drool!).

Now here’s an amusing little trick that might work for you: you can grow chamomile plants from a tea bag. Chamomile tea is merely dried chamomile flowers.

Just follow the sowing guidelines above and await your chamomile to grow! Happy growing! ~ L. Want gardening and healthy living info sent right to your email weekly?.

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