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How to Keep a Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Alive

If you follow us on Instagramfiddle leaf fig survival tips

You already know that I just recently brought house this adorable ($ 14!) fiddle leaf fig, and I am very IDENTIFIED to keep him alive. I bought one of these in 2015 (around the exact same time really) however unfortunately, I didn’t give it the TLC it should have and it didn’t end well. RIP little person..How to Keep Fiddle Leaf Fig Alive

Thanks to You, This Time is Going To Be Different.

I asked our remarkable fans on Instagram what ideas or techniques they use to keep their fiddle leaf fig plants alive and I was blown away by the feedback and unbelievable success stories! Someone shared that her fiddle leaf is taller than she is (!!) and several others noted that they have actually kept their cherished fiddle leaf plants alive for numerous YEARS. Needless to say, I took note of every.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Survival Tips.

1-fiddle-fig-leafs-plantsI understood, why not share these particular + simple suggestions to the rest of the Do It Yourself Playbook team so that the novices (like us!) can gain from the pros, and together we can all keep our plants alive … and growing! Here’s what our Instagram professionals needed to say:.1..

Perfect Sun.Fiddle leaf plants need a lot of light but not always direct sunshine. Show your fiddle leaf in a place that provides this bright light throughout the day


2. Pots. Do NOT transplant your brand-new fiddle leaf fig into a pot that is too big for it (btw here are some of our. See below for more …

3. What The Heck is ROOT BOUND?

Root bound methods that the plant’s roots fill the.whole.container. Keeping the plant in its initial pot, in the meantime, is good because you will not interrupt the relaxing roots. Eventually, you can transplant the plant into a bigger pot when it’s huge enough, but bear in mind that the roots do not like a spacious container.

4. No Drafts.

Fiddle leaf figs do not like being put in a space that may have a draft but let’s be truthful, who does ?!

5. Watering Set up.

Water your plant one cup 1x per week. Someone on Insta mentioned that they water theirs every Friday and call it #FiddleFriday. I do not constantly have the finest memory when it concerns water plants so I actually LOVE this idea. I intend on commemorating #fiddleFriday now and wish to never ever forget to give this cutie a drink. #FF.bridget_fall_fiddle_leaf_family_room_light_plan

6. Turn.

Remember that intense light we talked about? Well, it is essential that ALL sides of the fiddle leaf see this brilliant light, so rotating the plant every couple of days is an excellent method in making certain this takes place.

7. Cleaning.

Rubbing out the top of the leaves with a moist fabric can work wonders to keep the leaves clean. However whatever you do, do NOT use this fabric to wipe off the bottoms of the leaves due to the fact that you could harm the leaf’s veins. I do not understand much about plants but damaging the veins sounds pretty darn severe to me!

Ikea Plant Master BedroomDid I miss anything?!

Like I said, all of these AMAZING ideas were from our sweet and encouraging. Instagram friends. and I can not thank you people enough for your words of motivation and knowledge! If I missed out on any crucial tips, I would LOVE to hear what works for you so that I can include it to the list.

bridget_fall_bedroom_plant_fiddle_leafFar though … things are going well. #FiddleFriday and the rest of these genius suggestions have actually helped keep this little guy looking extremely healthy! Fingers crossed that this is.still.the case next time I appear with a fiddle leaf upgrade.


P.S. For more rookie suggestions on indoor plants, take a look at this. popular post! Or for those of you who are still reluctant, take a look at. my FAKE fiddle leaf. that I’m equally consumed with …

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