How to Make Bottle Cap Flowers

Trying to find a penny-wise DIY garden art project? Discover how to make bottle cap flowers! Not only is it a fun garden Do It Yourself however it is also a terrific method to recycle bottle caps. One of the best things we can do to assist save our world is to stop tossing away a lot garbage. Bottle cap jobs are a fun way to take something fairly worthless and turn it into art! Bottle cap magnets are another fantastic way to reuse beer bottle caps and I will share a few of my preferred ones below if you are trying to find more upcycled craft jobs.

two bottle cap flowers in a garden

Eco Friendly Crafts and Lifestyle Tips

There are many things that we get rid of or recycle each and every single day that might really be put to use in our houses. Egg containers are great for beginning seeds for the garden. Vegetable scraps make terrific garden compost for our yards. Cardboard cereal boxes can be cut up and used to make homemade cars and truck air fresheners . We can do our part to save the environment one piece of trash at a time! Even metal bottle caps have lots of imaginative usages.

Bottle cap crafts and other upcycled craft ideas

Collecting Bottle Caps for Your DIY Garden Art

When my hubby and I moved into our home 10 years earlier, we installed a. wall installed bottle cap opener. We now have an EXTREMELY complete box of bottle caps so I have actually been looking at bottle cap crafts for the last few weeks. This garden craft is exceptionally simple to make and if you monitor young kids with the hot glue weapon, even kids can have enjoyable with this.

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pile of old bottle caps on wooden background

Supplies for Bottle Cap Flowers

7 metal bottle caps per flower
1. wood skewer. per flower
paints (outdoor authorized).
paint brushes
hot glue gun


used bottle caps glued together in the shape of a flower

How to Make Bottle Cap Flowers

Learning how to make bottle cap flowers is incredibly simple! Place them upside down on a piece of paper.

Hot glue all the bottle caps together. Do this gently so they don’t all separate before the glue is dried. You may desire to do this twice to make certain it is really tough.

Hot glue the skewer to the back of the metal flower. Let cool.

You could leave these unpainted if you want a more ‘natural’ look to your garden art! You will require 2 to 3 coats of paint to entirely hide the bottle cap.

Once your paint has actually dried, add a light coat of ModPodge. Let dry.

Place your garden art in the garden and enjoy your simple Earth Day craft! You have actually saved a few pieces of trash from the dump!

Do you have any bottle cap crafts that you actually love?

Love bottle cap art?

bottle cap lady bugs on a tin can

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