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How To Make Your Own Book Planters for Succulents

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I am a firm believer that it does not take much to add a little appeal to your office or home. Throughout my current check out to Poke Acupuncture , I noticed that Russell had included lots of new designs. My favorites were his Do It Yourself homemade book planters. Here is an action by action lesson on how to develop them yourself.

( Image credit: Home Treatment )

Russell talks with us about his motivation behind producing these fun book planters:
I first saw these in my favorite geniusly-designed clothing store, The
Warehouse in Echo Park . They fulifill two of my great loves: old
books and negligently looking after plants that are hard to eliminate,
When in fact I have the, therefore making me feel like I have a green thumb (
kiss of death wtih plants). I then taught myself how to make my own
versions of them by experimentation, with a few individual tweaks.

Some might sob sacrilege! that I am cutting a hole in a book however I.
think this to be a creative extension my design aesthetic of.
repurposing and re-imagining: taking something stunning and turning.
it into something else gorgeous. I also tell the nay-sayers that I.
bought the book on Itunes where it will live digitally and.
eternally, so I am really releasing the story from its physical shell.
I normally say this with a completely straight-face, and they have,.
typically, no reply.

( Image credit:. Home Treatment. ).

1 Vintage book.
2-3 little succulents. Any more than that will get truly heavy. House.
Depot sells them for like $2 each. Watch out for top-heavy succulents.
as they are tough to keep take advantage of in such a relatively shallow pot.
Even little mini cactuses are nearly difficult to keep set up.
Wide and flatter work MUCH much better than high..
Bit of potting soil.
1 exacto knife.
Parchment paper or plastic bag.
White glue.
Dry moss or ground cover.


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1. The night prior to, rub a very thin layer of white glue against the.
loose paper binding, simply enough to make a few of the pages stick. It.
doesnt need to be precise. When beginning to cut into, it simply helps.
the book that the pages remain in one place.

( Image credit:. Apartment or condo Treatment. ).

2. Cutting the square in the book is the most lengthy part.
Decide how big a square you wish to have for planting. I discover that.
the smaller patches tend to look much better. I like to leave a few of the.
text of the book noticeable. Using your metal ruler you will distribute.
your square and cut through a few pages at a time, pull them out (you.
will need to break the glued seal you made to get them out), and then.
do a couple of more pages, pull them out, and work your way down the book.
You will need a hole that is at least 1 1/2 inches deep.

The hole does not require to be clean or pretty since the only page.
that will show up is the leading page, so do not stress if it tears badly,.
or seems jagged. You wont have the ability to see any of it and its going to be.
filled with dirt. I also suggest you start with the page under the.
Title Page and save the Title Page for last. By the time the rest of.
the hole is made, you will have a better sense of how to make the.
cutout for the Title Page the most centered and clean. Remember this.
is the only page where the appearance of the cut out matters.

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3. Line the hole with parchment paper or plastic. This simply prevents.
any watering from damaging the rest of the book.

4. If your book is really, very deep, you can put a layer of gravel at.
the bottom of the hole. This will offer some drain that your.
succulents would appreciate. Succulents don’t need much water however they.
do choose to not have their roots being in water so the gravel.
supplies a place for the water to drain pipes that the roots wont touch. In.
a regular sized reserved you wont have space for gravel. Don’t stress: the.
succulents will still live even without the drainage.

( Image credit:. Apartment or condo Treatment. ).

5. Start with the primary succulent and different it from the soil its.
packed in. Position it in the hole where you like. Then repack the soil.
around it so it can base on its own. For the bigger plants, you will.
require to wedge them into the corners so they stand up till they begin.
to grow by themselves. You will need to load the soil securely around.
the roots to make them stand. A little water in the soil will.

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6. Cover the soil in dry as soon as you have the succulents where you want.
moss. You can leave the soil exposed if you like, but I think it.
Because that will cover the hole in the, looks better with the moss.
book, and the moss will likewise assist support the plants.

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7. Cut the parchment paper simply below the surface area of the moss so that.
its adequately hidden. Seeing the parchment totally ruins the.
impression. Blow off any dirt that youve gotten in the book. There will.
be dirt everywhere.

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8. About when a week I spray a bit of water into the roots.
with a squirt bottle. Like I said, succulents require very little water.
They do need a lot of sunlight so if you are keeping them within,.
ensure they are by a window or put them outside as much as.
possible. Try to avoid getting water on the when you water them.
Title Page.

( Image credit:. Apartment Therapy. ).

Thanks for the lesson,. Russell. !

Project:. Russell Brown. Images:. Bethany Nauert.

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