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How to Plant Potatoes

How to Plant Potatoes for Spring Spring is here and it’s time for spring cleaning and gardening! Here’s a simple tutorial forHow to Plant Potatoes and Simple Gardening Tipsfor Spring! Plus, here are a few of my other favorite Gardening Tips ! Planting Potatoes Planting potatoes is one of my preferred things to do in the spring. I enjoy planting potatoes and watching them grow! You plant the seeds, water them, see them grow, hill up the dirt so that the potatoes have space to grow, and then harvest the crop. Cottonelle Fresh Care Cleansing Cloths Planting potatoes is not always simple (and it can get truly unpleasant). What’s life if you do not get your hands dirty every now and then. I like being in my garden and getting my hands unclean. There is just something about being outside, no computers, no cellular phone, and just the sounds of the spring and summertime around you. It’s very relaxing and among my preferred hobbies. Plus, with these Cottonelle \u00ae Fresh Care * Flushable Cleansing Cloths it makes cleaning up super easy after digging in and getting messy! Seed Potatoes

1. Get Seed Potatoes

Mid March– April is the finest time to plant potatoes where I am. I got seed potatoes at my local Farmers Co-op! Because they have lots of eyes on them, seed potatoes are prepared to plant. Seed Potatoes in Fourths

2. Cut Seed Potatoes in fourths

I cut my seed potatoes in fourths. You do not need to cut them in fourths, but you do require to be sure there are at least 2 eyes per potato that you plant. Cut your seed potatoes 1-2 days before you plant them so that they grow a protective layer. Gardening Tips

3. Dig a Trench in the Dirt

Dig your trench in the dirt about 4 ‘ deep. I like to plant my potatoes in a straight line, however you can spread them out over your garden if you would rather. How to Plant Potatoes

4. Place Seed Potatoes in Dirt Eyes Up

Place your seed potatoes in the dirt about 1 food apart. That method the potatoes have sufficient room to grow underground. How to Plant Potatoes

5. Cover with Dirt

Fill out the trench with loose dirt and cover the seed potatoes. Gardening

6. Hill Up & & Water Potatoes

You will want to hill up your potatoes when the plant is about 6 ” tall. If your potatoes get sunburned they will turn green and taste bitter. I like to hill up my potatoes with my hands, however you can use a hoe if you desire to:-RRB-. How to Plant Potatoes for Spring Simple Gardening

7. Harvest Potatoes

You need to harvest on a dry day when it comes time to gather your potatoes (this is usually early July or 10 weeks after planting). You can constantly collect one potato plant to see how your potatoes are growing. Simple Gardening How to Plant Potatoes

Potato Tips:

Store potatoes in a cool, dry, dark place. Do not clean potatoes till you are prepared to eat them. Due to the fact that it will trigger potatoes to ruin, do not save potatoes with Apples.
I sure do delight in watching my potatoes go from seed to potato. Plus, it is fantastic to see how numerous potatoes you get from a few seed potatoes! Cottenelle Cleansing Cloths Some excellent gardening tools and seed potatoes, these Cottonelle \u00ae Fresh Care * Flushable Cleansing Cloths come in useful when working in the garden! I’m always wishing to take pictures or use my phone to get an excellent shot when my hands are filthy! When I require a fast tidy up while gardening, these cleansing cloths are easy to utilize and keep close for! Bike Rides and Backpacks Working in the garden, another one of my favorite hobbies this time of year is bike riding! Biking the routes around my town is a great way to be healthy and get in shape. Snacks for Bike Rides We are both attempting to save money today, and we have actually discovered that purchasing treats at Sam’s Club is an easy method to conserve money. We can purchase a huge bag of Beef Jerky and some tiny oranges and pack our own snack bags and save some for later on. Packing a Backpack with Snacks I will even freeze a few of the beef jerky that we don’t eat so that we have another treat for later. This is an excellent way to save money and time! You can also get the Cottonelle Fresh Care * Flushable Cleansing Cloths at Sam’s Club. I am liking the brand-new Member-Voted Style packs special to Sam’s Club! There are 11 smaller sized bundles that are the perfect size for on-the-go. I will throw a package of these into my backpack for when we stop to have our treat! I like to get filthy, but when it comes time to consuming I require to get my hands clean! These are a super easy and convenient way to get tidy on the trails! Plus, given that they are available in super adorable smaller plans they are simple to pack and the ideal addition to my backpack! Cottonelle \u00ae Fresh Care * Flushable Cleansing Cloths are excellent for so lots of various things. I can utilize them in my garden after planting my potatoes, but I can likewise take them on the trails to use before a treat! You can also keep them in your restroom, purse, or diaper bag! If it’s the hectic life of a mother), always keep them on hand in a hassle-free area no matter what your pastimes and go-to activities are (even! These wipes are flushable and separate after flushing. They are sewer and septic-safe. I think it’s fantastic that they are alcohol-free and have a OneTouch dispensing tub. Perfect for the whole household (no matter how big, or small the mess)! Cottonelle at Target Did you understand that there is likewise a Sam’s Club Pick-Up Service and a Sam’s Club Membership Service? If you are on-the-go and hectic like me, these can be a big benefit to being a Sam’s Club member! backpack for instaPacking a Backpack
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