How to Utilize a Shower Caddy as a Vertical Planter

INSIDE: How to utilize a shower caddy as an outdoor vertical wall planter for little pots, metropolitan gardening. Easy garden spring outside decor!

How to make a shower caddy vertical planter |

My mom conserves a lot of stuff. In some cases the most random products are brought over. Do I actually need a collection of plastic takeout salad boxes? (Ironically, I did keep a number of those boxes in order to dye coffee filters for this pumpkin project . Go figure they ‘d come in convenient.).

One such peculiar item hauled to my home was a metal shower caddy. For all I understand, this was most likely conserved from my college days … way a lot of years ago! This random goody I did snatch up understanding instantly what I ‘d make with it …

For the longest time, this shower caddy sat event dust in our garage. Even though I had a plan in mind, finding the time was the issue. Story of all of our lives? And then the kids discovered it. Prior to I understood it, it was jerry rigged behind a tricycle and was being hugely dragged throughout the yard like a makeshift u-Haul trailer. Time to stop what I was dealing with and give this shower caddy a purpose besides making stimulates along the back deck!

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— Metal shower caddy (Do not have one from your college days? Select one up here .).
— Spray paint (A lot of remarkable spray paint color ranges. out there!).
–.Optional Self-etching guide. ( Great for covering plastic with paint.).
— Drill + masonry bit (optional).
— Optional: Masonry screw
–. Wire snips.
— Small potted plants (I used terra cotta pots. to fill the shower caddy vertical planter).

How to make a shower caddy vertical planter |

How to repurpose shower caddy into little wall garden.

The shower caddy I was using had two plastic knobs where one would usually hang a loofah or wash fabric. I provided these two knobs a spray with. self-etching primer . (This primer assists to adhere paint on plastic products.).

How to make a shower caddy vertical planter |

Cover the metal shower caddy with a couple coats of spray paint in the color of your choosing.

Use all the [the shower caddy has a soap dish wo] workforce you need to cut through the metal utilizing the. wire snips . I will confess to saying a few annoyed option words. Clearly my every-other-day weights exercise was not helping me!

How to make a shower caddy vertical planter |

We used a masonry drill bit to drill a hole through a brick wall and inserted a masonry screw. Select the drill bit and screw appropriate for where you will hang your shower caddy vertical planter.

How to make a shower caddy vertical planter |

Hang the shower caddy onto the wall and insert. little potted plants.

How to make a shower caddy vertical planter |

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