15 Grand Ideas For Gardening With Antiques


The worlds of house garden enthusiasts and antique fanatics often overlap, with a great variety of folks counting both as their favorite past time. While the 2 hobbies are often enjoyed by the same people, it’s not as typically that they straight intersect. We would enjoy to alter that!

We have actually gathered a tasting of images from around the web that show innovative, fresh, and enjoyable gardening ideas involving antiques in some fashion. The relationship between gardening and antiques can be expressed in an abundance of ways, and the ideas shared here show it.

Whether simply adding antique challenge an existing garden, or integrating the garden itself into an antique, there are no incorrect ways to tackle integrating these complementary enthusiasms. We specifically enjoy the very first concept, visualized above, from Basic Nature Decor. This task included repurposing an old bike into a bespoke container garden itself, making use of only a couple rustic wood baskets and some effort.

We hope you find a few of these concepts motivating and intriguing, as we have. The mother of invention may be requirement, however its close cousin is inspiration! If you’re wanting to include a vintage touch to your garden, or recycle some antiques you’ve got lying around, the projects envisioned below are sure to get the creative juices flowing.
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Source: Pinterest

Here’s a relatively simple and simple antique gardening project. An old wood and metal cart has actually been repainted and set on a patio, to be used as both transport and display screen for container gardens.


Source: Merchantcircle
Utilizing a big exterior wall to display a veritable cornucopia of antiques is a concept directly obtained from lots of other tasks, including barns and even living spaces. Due to the fact that of the outside setting, the pieces showed here are mainly metal, frequently aged and rusted, which blends perfectly with an outdoors garden landscape.


Galvanized Classic Windmill Wind Spinner

Include vintage appeal to gardens with these traditional Windmill Kinetic Stakes. Galvanized or hand-painted in a seaside combination with metallic copper accents, both windmills have rear blades that turn the front spinner into the wind. Inspect Cost on Amazon


An adorable five-piece chicken sculpture set , which includes 4 chicks and a mom hen, is sure to delight any garden design lover. These garden accessories are best for little grassy locations, flower beds and stone-paved entrances. Each sculpture is made up of rustic-finished metal.


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Here’s a timeless antique store discover, an old made, hand-cranked laundry press. As you can see, there’s nary a little work done to the piece itself; the object was just positioned as-is into a rich garden. With total, complex pieces like this, simple strategic placement in the garden makes a declaration by itself.


Similar to the previous concept, this image showcases a simple antique bird bath, repainted and set on an outside table for display. The use of an antique piece adds contrast to the contemporary furniture and rich green surroundings.


Here’s one of the most distinct tasks we found. The property owners took an old circular bench, utilized in parks and bus stations decades back, and wrapped it around a post in the backyard. It offers a pleasantly prosaic visual and even serves its initial function well.

Source: Wishlistantiques


This is among the most sophisticated projects we discovered. An old sliding metal gate has been repurposed, revitalized, and placed within the garden to make an artistic wall, serving as both backdrop to a row of flowers and a personal privacy fence.

Source: Kmpactdesign


Returning to the idea shared in our header image, this task reused a rusty old made bicycle to unique effect. A pair of thick container gardens were put on the front and back of the bike, while garish indications were held on the frame. It’s a great way to house flowers and make an artful display from what would otherwise have actually been junked.


Here we see a thick, verdant garden with a series of antique pieces scattered throughout the landscape. A birdbath in the foreground, an old rusty sun dial at left, an ancient claw foot bathtub in green, and a matching green water pump all share the area with an abundance of leafy goodness.

Source: Bohemianromance

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This ancient metal trough has actually been expertly repurposed into a big container garden, replete with a rainbow’s worth of flowers and greenery. The big size and strength of the material produce a perfect garden addition, particularly since this is one location where rust can only enhance a project.

Source: VHCG


While comparable to a few prior tasks, this fantastic concept sees an almost completely brought back rake set as a central visual piece on a rolling lawn. The appeal depends on the timeless look of the device, as a counterpoint to the intense plant and contemporary outdoor patio nearby. Practically any old made lawn equipment can work with this treatment.

january whites 5

Antique hunters frequently find pieces like this in neglected corners, collecting dust. By recycling the sculpture as-is, in a garden, the scrubby appearance works to its benefit. This gives the garden the look of a long lost mess up, overrun with plant life.

Source: Tallulahantiquecloset

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While not exactly ancient, this vintage seed distributor has been put in a new context, with its container repurposed as a container garden. The wheels enable vibrant placement, and the rustic red color adds a splash of contrast essentially anywhere.

Source: VHCG


While we have actually spoken about red wine barrel planters before, we figured it was worth a mention as a particularly grand example of using antiques in gardening. The rustic looking barrels, currently containers, produce perfect garden supplements, offering abundant space and ageless looks.

Source: Simplenaturedecor


We reach a garden that’s been skillfully laid out with a perfect mix of plant life and vintage antiques showed in breathtaking fashion. From abandoned blue bottles, formed into a virtual water fountain, to rust covered art pieces, the garden is occupied from end to end with vintage charm. The secret here is balance between found things and the garden itself.

Source: Marianilandscape




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