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Reuse Old Picture Frames for an Indoor Greenhouse

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I like having plants around your house but I only really have 2 south facing windows and they are shaded much of the mid-day by a large tree. Luckily, we have a sun parlor off the south side of your house with 3 full wall surfaces of ceiling to knee degree home windows. It would be a fantastic place to grow plants if it weren’t for the cats.

With all the sun to lounge in, they invest a lot of time in there and they love to munch on houseplants, dig up potted plants and ruin fairy gardens like Godzilla on a rampage. I wanted a secured location to keep houseplants, but when my greenhouse truly shines is in spring.I start a load of plants from seed every springtime (visit this site to review starting seeds).as well as needed shelving to grow them on and also a location to keep them secure from cats. I didn’t intend to invest a load of cash, as well as I wanted something that would look better than wire shelving.

I started to come up with a way to repurpose the glass to make an indoor greenhouse. Armed with my 20% off promo code, I just acquired some of those \”frameless\” picture frameworks (essentially a sheet of glass with clips to hold a photo). You might likewise make use of substitute glass, however those weren’t on sale as well as would’ve been extra expensive.

Recycling Old Picture Frames for an Indoor Greenhouse

I required to raise up the greenhouse to at least the base of the windowsill as well as I desired it to have an open location on the base so I can save materials & & maintain the cat’s can beneath it. I wound up building a \”table\” that is 24 inches tall as a base for the greenhouse. The final measurements for the whole greenhouse is 26 inches deep x 37 inches vast x 68 inches tall.

Recycling Old Picture Frames for an Indoor Greenhouse

Recycling Old Picture Frames for an Indoor Greenhouse


3– 2 x 4( 8 feet size)– for constructing the table base.
1– 1 x 15 (8 ft size)– for the \”flooring\” of the greenhouse.
17– 2 x 2 (8 feet length)– to develop all the panes.
3 inch screws.
1.5 inch screws.
the glass from 36 11 x 14 photo structures.
clear glass/wood adhesive.
paint & & primer.
2 hinges.


I built the greenhouse in 7 pieces.

Piece the table base. I reduced the 2x4s to make sure that I had 2 pieces that were 37 inches as well as 2 pieces that were 23 inches. I then made use of these boards to construct a straightforward box with the final dimensions of 37 inches x 26 inches. Cut the 1 \u00d7 15 right into three items that are 26 inches long. Screw onto package to form the flooring (you will have to rip one lengthwise to concerning 8 inches). Include some fundamental legs made from 2x4s, protecting everything with the long 3 inch screws.

Developing the body of the greenhouse.— For the real body of the greenhouse, I used 2 \u00d7 2 lumber (real measurements are 1.5 in x 1.5 in) and also 1.5 inch timber screws (screwed in at an angle) to make the grids. The grids need to be 11 x 14 inches on center.

Piece the back, general gauging 33.75 x 42.5 inches with 9 panes for glass.

Each general measuring 22.75 x 42.5 inches with 6 panes for glass.

Recycling Picture Frames for an Indoor Greenhouse

Piece 5. is the stationary \”side light\” part of the front. This is the piece alongside the door. Overall determining 11.75 x 42.5 inches with 3 panes for glass.Piece 6.

is the door, general gauging 22 x 42.5 inches with 6 panes for glass.Piece 7.

is the leading, general determining 26 x 37 inches with 4 complete panes and also 2 smaller sized panes (if you don’t have accessibility to a glass cutter, I would certainly suggest simply leaving these open as extra air flow). The top grid is a little various than all the others. There is a 4 inch x 37 inch opening up the whole length of the leading to enable for ventilation, leaving four 11 x 14 grids as well as two 11 x 9 grids that will be covered with glass:.At this moment, I primed & & painted all the pieces– do this prior to you connect the glass!

Recycling Old Picture Frames for an Indoor Greenhouse

I made use of the sticky to attach the picture framework glass. The only glass that needed to be cut were the 2 smaller 11 \u00d7 9 panels on the top. They make clear adhesive– make sure you obtain clear!

I allow the items completely dry flat to allow the sticky to treat for a full week. Then I just needed to screw all the pieces with each other, add the joints for the door– and be really mindful not to fracture the glass.

Recycling Old Picture Frames for an Indoor Greenhouse

For shelving in the greenhouse, I got some plastic layered wire shelving (the kind you would make use of to arrange kitchen cabinets). I hung two inverted from cup hooks screwed into the top of the greenhouse using twine.

I make use of an additional cup hook screwed right into the top to hold a warmth lamp. I use this in the spring when it’s still cool to keep seed startings cozy due to the fact that my sunroom is unheated.

It’s not best, yet I love my greenhouse, as well as it ended up being available in under $100 all together. I can fit 5 apartments of seed startings in here right now, and I have lots of space to include even more shelves if I require extra. When it’s not seed growing time, I belong to keep houseplants risk-free from the cats. I have utilized it for Fairy Gardens and also growing plants that can be harmful to pets if they consumed them (I can have poinsettias at Xmas for the very first time in decades!).

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Recycling Old Picture Frames for an Indoor Greenhouse

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