Sedum Projects & DIY Succulent Planters

I believe I was affected growing up in the ’70’s in California, where succulents were normally half dead hen and chicks filling a lawn individuals believed was no maintenance … So when succulents began to gain a resurgence in appeal, I scoffed. The fact is that succulents and sedums are beautifully colored, textural, simple to grow and use an incredible amount of variety. Sedum jobs and Do It Yourself succulent planters are the best way to showcase these charms, without them getting lost in the garden.

I’m still trying to sell Steve on the succulents, though I believe he’s seeing the light … (He’s more of a cactus guy … another area to which my eyes were a little closed at very first). But I’ve concerned love sedums Much that half my lawn is covered in my fav, Sedum ‘Angelina’– it is proof that succulents can be green and rich, too! In fact, we utilized mainly sedums to fill our current DIY concrete block planter . (And they are filling out perfectly!).

Sedum Projects & DIY Succulent Planters

DIY Succulent Planters & & Sedum Projects.

So here are our choices for beautiful planter jobs that need to have you all reconsidering succulents, and perhaps trigger you to run, not stroll, to the nursery. Did I discuss these plants are easy.? Come on people, jump on the succulent train! Note: If you want you succulent planter to stay outdoors all year, make sure you buy them from the nursery’s hardy stock, usually kept outside. The succulents you find in the greenhouse are not hardy, but can be used outdoors in the summer and brought inside for winter. They make great houseplants too! Photo by Billy Goodnick. .

Sedum and Succulent Planters

Speak about simple … this succulent planter from ‘. BHG. ‘ is merely pvc pipeline cut into rounds, embeded to a tray filled with stones, and planters with succulent starts. (Begins are tiny new plants, typically less expensive, too.).


Here’s another terrific Do It Yourself succulent planter task from BHG that’s just beautiful! This. succulent tower planter. is essentially made up of painted terra-cotta pots. It resembles having a water fountain of sedum & & succulents

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Sedum Projects & DIY Succulent Planters

! This Do It Yourself succulent planter with vertical brick is in the book ‘. Style Sponge at Home. ‘. Required to get my hands on a copy and learn exactly how they did it!


These are various succulents planted in a trunk. Keep in mind, succulents require outstanding drainage, so make sure there is a great layer of rocks in the bottom of any container that does not drain pipes well, and utilize soil blended with sand. ABC das Suclentas. ‘.


From ‘. Gardenista. ‘, by. Lila B. Design this DIY succulent planter made from a log is natural and beautiful … And would have good drain for these plants. An easy DIY task! Baylor Chapman is the owner of Lila B. Style, and has a book out I’m dying to get my hands on, called ‘The Plant Recipe Book’.


Do It Yourself Succulent Planter Box Ideas.

Another job from ‘. Lila B. ‘, this succulent planter from window shutters is an ideal example of using starts, considering that they are tucked into the slats of the shutters. You can develop your own small plants from lots of succulents just by breaking off a piece. Many will root quickly.


‘. Sundown Magazine. ‘ programs us how to make our own living art from succulents. Make certain to examine out all the actions, since it shows variations and various parts of the project.



From ‘. Ciao! Newport Beach. ‘, one of their readers created this DIY succulent garden with a beach theme. Do not be scared to add other aspects to your succulent container to provide it the ideal feel for your garden.


Take legal action against Brown. took this photo at ‘Cottage Gardens Nursery’ in Petaluma, California. Using an old water fountain gives this container garden real character! What other types of upcycled containers would work well?


‘. Sunset. ‘ has another idea for us, this water wise succulent garden was planted in an old chicken trough …

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From ‘. Gardening Gone Wild. ‘, these succulents pots are grouped together for effect. I like the concrete pots with the sedums, and they add a natural feel that really works.


This last one I simply had to toss in to highlight the charm of these plants and their flexibility. SG Plants. They use these big scale panels to create garden art. Could a DIY’er do this very same thing on a smaller sized scale? Gorgeous and inspiring!


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