Seed Starting For Beginners

Do you find yourself reluctant to begin plants from seed?

Are you always browsing the plant section of your local nursery but long to start your own plants for seed?

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Do you conserve seeds from your garden only to leave them in a drawer for several years because you do not know how to start them?

Way Back When, you might not have encouraged me that I would be composing a book about how to start seeds.

I had never grown anything from seed! I would not have even known where to begin.

I had always bought plants for my garden. The love of gardening was there, however understanding what to do with seeds? Not a lot.

It’s fantastic how much can alter in just a couple of years

Presently, I have over 500 tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and pak choy plants in my greenhouse. All of them were begun with seed!

As the season rolls on, we’ll be starting more seeds to have a continuous supply of garden fresh fruits and veggies to feed our family of 5.

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