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How To Make a Lettuce Gutter Garden

I built our lettuce garden under a large pecan tree so it would get a lot of shade during our hot North Carolina summertimes. When cucumbers and tomatoes are collected, the concept behind this was to be able to keep lettuce growing so I can in fact have a complete salad from the garden.

Plant in your rain gutter garden

.You can use compost or purchase the bagged potting soil. I certainly amend that soil with garden compost every late winter/early spring prior to planting the brand-new crop. I filled each rain gutter with my soil and let it sit.

After the soil settled, I sprayed my seeds, as even as I could, throughout the rain gutter. I attempted not to solve versus the edges. My zone is 8a and for me March is the time for me to plant lettuce or when I measure the temperature level of the soil and it reaches about 50 degrees F. I utilize a basic meat thermometer to determine the temperature of my soil throughout the garden consisting of the gutter gardens

. gutter garden labelsNext, I carefully laid about one inch soil on top of the seeds. I had room to add more soil without overflowing because my bottom soil was compressed from the rain. Make labels and thoroughly stick them in the front or back of the rain gutters if you are utilizing various types of loose leaf lettuce and desire to keep track. UPDATE: I do not identify anymore since I only fill one whole rain gutter with a single type; spinach, green, or red lettuce.

Addition of old window screening

I likewise included long pieces of old window screening and connected it with staples on the back of the wood and plastic clothing pins on the sides of the gutter. Connecting the screens firmly helps when storms come through and they don’t get blown clear off. When these rain gutters are not in usage, like throughout the winter season I also keep these window screens on the gutters.
staple window screen for gutter gardens
Wood staples keep window screen from blowing away in a storm.
Factor for the window screening, our seamless gutter garden is built under a pecan tree. They appear to land perfectly in the gutters. I have actually also noticed squirrels will go after fresh and simple to dig up dirt so the seamless gutters are a terrific area for them.
window screen attached to gutter gardens
Old window screens keep wildlife out of your seamless gutter gardens.

This screening barrier has been working terrific in a lot of ways. It has kept falling nuts and meddlesome animals out however likewise enables water and sunlight to get in. Being a mesh netting the rain water actually gets trapped on the screening and drips gradually onto the soil.

screening on top of gutter garden I cut it into pieces that fit my gutters and raised up the screening. I utilize 3 per seamless gutter. Make sure you cut your window screening a little bit longer then the gutters so when you raise it up, everything will still be covered.Electrical wire bridge holding up screening on gutter garden.

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Electrical wire bridge holding up screening on gutter garden.
That may appear a little nuts but I have actually discovered that the gutter garden losses moisture much faster then a garden in the ground. I didn’t water the gutters for 2 days and the lettuce started to brown and look charred which was ridiculous considering that it was early March and not yet 95+ degrees.
The window screen likewise helps during those crazy and out of character snow storms. My tender spinach is being protected from the almost of two inches of snow in this image. The screen kept the heavy snow from crushing the plants. And it deflected the ice burn that may of occurred. It is extremely simple to throw the snow off also; simply lift of the window screen.

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