Unique Do It Yourself Garden Globes

I like art in the garden. If I might get away with it, you might have heard me state this a time or 2 prior to …:-RRB- I would have art painted onto my fence boards! (And yes, I could, however I have a family that I don’t wish to move away and leave me. They can only take a lot.) I love spheres in the garden as well, they are a fantastic representation of the circle of life, which is what a garden is about. Gazing worlds have been popular since the Victorian times, but they are usually made from glass and are breakable and costly. How about trying something a little more … well, various and special! These innovative DIY garden worlds are best to tuck in a dubious corner, to punctuate a hectic flowerbed, or to include some interest to a dull walkway. Love all these jobs!

Cool and Unique DIY Garden Globes

Our very first task below, is from Alison at ‘ Bonney Lassie ‘ She made these gabion DIY garden worlds for $20! I enjoy how various these are … organic with using rocks, yet still controlled. Genius to use the wire flower baskets too!


Greencube Landscapes shows us how incredibly cool concrete globes in the garden can be. Make sure to have a look at their website for all the pictures, they are inspiring! They don’t have a tutorial, but no concerns, we do! Take a look at our post on.

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sculpture in garden

DIY concrete garden globes. These marble garden globes are the genius style of Etsy shop ‘Ta Dah PDX’. If you are patient, you could DIY this with some E-6000 adhesive, an old thrift shop bowling ball, marbles, and a great deal of time. Or, you might do it the easy method, and contact. Ta Dah PDX.

DIY garden globe - marbles

Here is another one that is an enjoyable DIY job with adhesive.

dIY garden globe pebble bowling ball

Cool and Unique DIY Garden Globes

These are a simple project for novices utilizing wire and spray paint. I like how light they appear aesthetically, and they look fantastic in a grouping. You might even grow things through them, like they had existed forever. Love these! From Zoe at ‘. Innovative in Chicago.

DIY unique garden globes

Do It Yourself driftwood orb tutorial makes this a quick task that you might utilize inside or out! I love how easy she makes this project, with one little trick! The Peaceful Axolotl.

Cool and Unique DIY Garden Globes

This is our own Do It Yourself garden globes task that we did a while back utilizing generally cement. We show you the total process with our.

DIY Concrete Garden Globes

There is no tutorial, but lets face it, it’s a ball of wire. Ok, barb wire might require some great leather gloves.

Wireballs 2

Lastly this shows us how to make a garden world from backyard cuttings. I like this tutorial because using branches from your own lawn not just ties in the textures and colors of your garden, it gives it a little color and makes it various from the common grape vine globes you can buy.


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