Unusual House Plants – Strike Up Conversation With These Unique Plants

Unusual Behaviour

Carnivorous Plants

Carnivorous plants such are unique in that they derive some of their nutrients from capturing and consuming animals. The Venus flytrap is particularly interesting as it has two lobes that triggers closed when an animal lands on the trigger hairs.

Unusual House Plants - Venus Flytrap

Air Plants

Air plants (also called Tillandsias) have the rare property that they can grow in air without a growing medium. This opens up some interesting presentation options, including placing them in a hanging terrarium.

Unusual House Plants - Air Plants (Tillandsias)

Unusual Appearance

Most unique house plants are unusual because of their appearance. Many of these plants show the diversity of the world of plants in your home.


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Bonsai is the art of growing miniature trees in containers for aesthetic reasons. It is quite an involved art-form requiring a lot of care and maintenance of the tree, but the creations are definitely very beautiful.

Dwarf Aloe

These chaps are really small aloes that grows under 15cm (6in) in height, can be grown in a little pot and looks just like a real aloe, producing orange flowers.

Terrestrial Tillandsia

Earthbound forms of the Tillandsia (the air plants I mentioned above are also Tillandsias) produce a striking fan-like flower that will really stand out because of its uniqueness.

Unusual House Plants - Terrestrial Tillandsias

Black Bat Plant

This plant has the strangest flowers that resemble a bat. A bunch of long white whiskers surround the purple black flower.

Unusual House Plants - Black Bat Plant

String of Pearls

The String of Pearls plant has lovely round fleshy pearl-sized leaves. They’re great for putting in a hanging basket to trail over the sides in a chandelier of green.

Unusual House Plants - String of Pearls Plant

Coral Cactus

Looking at the Coral Cactus, you could think you were SCUBA diving. It’s uncanny how similar it looks to coral on a reef. And you can pot it and have it in your own home!

Unusual House Plants - Coral Cactus

Unique Presentation

Another way to have an unusual house plant is to present a plant in an unusual way. I’m a big fan of terrariums for this. And what better an example of it than this incredible piece of art:

Unusual House Plants - Steamed Glass Terrarium


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