10 Tough to Kill Hanging Plants That’ll Make Your Home Look Impressive

Many of these hanging plants resemble a wonderful means to make a room appearance trendy and fresh. It’s such an easy means to clothe up a part of the area that’s been left bare. Which is why I wished to share a few of these outstanding hanging plant concepts with you people.

They’re all pretty low maintenance which implies you do not have to try very difficult to maintain them about. Sounds quite excellent right? Check them out and allow me understand what you think!

Quick Note: It might seem apparent not to consume these plants, however just make certain that they’re stayed out of reach from toddlers (that are apt to place things in their mouth) as well as curious pets. Several of these plants can be harmful if taken in.

String of Pearls

I have to admit that the String of Pearls plant looks quite remarkable. It might just be my favored one in this bunch. It’s definitely special and an eye-catcher.

Very simple to deal with, it only requires that you leave it in intense indirect light and also maintain the dirt moist.

Asparagus Fern

The Asparagus Brush certainly has an one-of-a-kind, cool want to it. With stems reaching upwards and also hanging down in the direction of the ground, it’s a vivid and brilliant method to make your room or living space look nice.

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It only calls for that you place it in indirect light and provide it lots of water (however don’t oversaturate).

Heartleaf Philodendron

Whether you’re putting it by your bed, or in the living-room, your area will definitely look like among those fashionable spaces on Pinterest. Best of all, it’s.incredibly.very easy to look after.

Devil’s Ivy

Called Adversary’s Ivy due to the fact that since it’s virtually impossible to kill, its leave can expand extremely lengthy (which make it wonderful as a hanging plant) as well as have multiple shades.

Boston Fern


If your home has some moisture, then you’ll enjoy this incredible plant. Vibrantly green, it’ll most definitely brighten up any kind of area in the home.

It’s also excellent for cleansing the air!

Crawler Plant

As a toxin filtering plant, you can maintain your house’s air clean for yourself and/or the family.

English Ivy

Currently the English Ivy is among one of the most air purifying interior plants you can have. It’s a magnificent plant that looks outstanding hung up, and also flourishes in cooler temperature levels (Air Conditioner?) with damp dirt.



Certainly a trending plant now, you can keep this very easy to handle plant in any type of component of the house.

Fish Hook

I seriously love this plant for it’s one-of-a-kind look. Rather of having full large fallen leaves, it nearly appears like fish hooks. Most definitely look into how New Darlings showcases this incredible plant.

Lipstick Plant

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