5 Perennial Veggies to Plant Once and Reap Forever

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Asparagus shoots are one of spring’s first thrills, poking out of cool soils alongside other perennials like tulips and crocus. However they’re a long-lasting investment: The very first year, you will not gather asparagus at all, and each year you need to leave lots of shoots behind, letting them flower and turn into the next year’s harvest.

3. Jerusalem Artichokes (Sunchokes)

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The most recent culinary beloved, sunchokes are tubers grown from a flowering, towering relative of the sunflower. They have actually got a nutty taste and are scrumptious roasted or in soups. Plant a single sunchoke in the fall or early spring, and it’ll turn into a hearty plant with numerous roots to dig up. Keep in mind to constantly leave a few in the ground for next year– and give it a lot of area, since this plant is a sturdy native that can attack your backyard with its warm, food-producing flowers.