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Beekeeping for Beginners

Are you a beekeeping newbie? Follow our timeline and suggestions to keep the colony in your brand-new beehive pleased, safe, and productive.

The very first 10 days with your brand-new honey bees are essential for the colony’s success. In our video,

Tricia reveals you how to welcome the honey bees to their hive

and she examines the beehive after 8 days, to examine. Don’t have your


in location yet? We’ve got a.


that reveals you how to set one up. Here’s a refresher post about.

the three sort of honey bees.

you’ll be working with.

A typical shipment of honey bees for one hive is a three pound package of bees with one Queen. When you’re introducing a relatively small colony into a new hive, the bees will need to put all their resources into drawing out new honey comb so the Queen bee can lay eggs and produce more Worker bees. The comb is also used for storing pollen and honey.

syrup for bees

DAY 1.

To help the bees draw this comb as quickly as possible, offer them with sugar syrup so that they do not have to forage for food during this important time.Sugar Syrup Recipe.1 part natural walking stick sugar 1 part warm water.

Mix in a jar with a solid cover, shake to liquify, and let it cool in the past providing it to the bees.

Prior to you install the container on the hive, swap the strong jar lid for one with many perforations. While they’re establishing the new hive the bees will consume a


smoker honey bees

of syrup a day.

One way to suppress bees is to puff some cool smoke into their hive. The smoke disorients them. Each time you head out to look at your hive, light up.

a cigarette smoker

. Fill it with fuel, light a match, close the lid, and use the bellows to motivate burning. This.

cotton fuel.

makes great, cool smoke. Always keep your.

hive tool.

( for carefully spying frames out of the hive) and.

bee brush.

( for carefully sweeping bees off of things) with you. Set up your.

hive stand, strong bottom board, feeder.

, and.

brood box.

, then include your own sugar syrup. Remove the three innermost frames to produce a space to put in the brand-new bees. Using.

a clean bottle of water, mist the bees.

bees syrup can

lightly to prepare them for being moved into their hive. The mist weighs them down and makes them simpler to move.

bees on queen cage

Packaged bees normally feature a can of syrup that the bees have been consuming in transit. Gently raise the can out of package and set it aside.

queen bee in cage

Reach into your bee shipping box and take out your Queen cage.

attaching queen cage to hive

Reject any bees that are on the cage so you can see the Queen. Verify that she is alive and set her aside. Now you’re going to put your bees into the hive. You may need to provide package a hearty shake to get the bees to fall into the hive. There will be some bees left in the box. Set it down on the ground dealing with the hive entrance. The remaining bees must find their method into the hive. After a few minutes the bees ought to be on the foundation and out of the bottom of the hive. Gently place each frame back into the hive as soon as this is the case.

Remove the tack on completion of the Queen cage, slide a finger over the end – don’t let the Queen escape! – and place the Queen sweet midway in to the hole. Bend this piece of metal to hook it over the top of a frame IDEA: It is.important

that the Queen cage remain connected to the frame.

The bees will eat away at the sugar sweet for 2-3 days to launch the queen, at which point the nest needs to accept the queen as their own. Place the inner cover on your hive, then the outer cover– and leave the bees.


for 8 days.

The Queen candy should be gone by now and the Queen should be out in the hive.

DAY 2 to 3.

But do not look!

The Queen should be laying eggs that look like tiny bits of white rice. If you later find that your Queen has not laid eggs, contact your bee supplier for a new Queen.

The worst newbie error is to open the hive too often and prematurely. This can slow down the bees’ development and, worse, mistakenly roll or eliminate your Queen. The Queen and the other bees spend these days adjusting to their brand-new surroundings.

holding comb up to the light

DAY 5 to 7.

bee eggs larvae cells

DAY 8.

On Day 8 you can take the covers off the hive, carefully lift the outermost frame out of the hive, and slide the center frame towards the edge. This will enable you to lift out the center frames without squashing any bees, particularly your Queen. Gently set the central frames back inside the hive, slide the frames inward, and place the 8th empty frame back in on the edge.

Once the bees have filled up most of the frame in the first brood box, add the second one. After both brood chambers are nearly full of comb, you’ll be ready for your Queen excluder and honey supers, one by one.

beekeepers bible

DAY 10.

After 3 days eggs turn into grubs (larvae). Some distance away will be cells filled with sugar syrup– later on the Worker bees will fill other cells with honey.

Future Timeline.

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