Deer Evidence Cedar Total Raised Garden Bed Set

Made with solid cedar, the 8′ x 8′ x 20 Deer Evidence Garden Package is enclosed with a 5′ 7 high fence to prevent deer from entering the garden and consuming your veggies. This fence functions as a trellis.


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Made with solid cedar, this deer and pest proof 8′ x 8′ x 20 garden set offers 45 square feet of gardening space, and is best for a family of 4.

If you are aiming to delve into gardening rapidly, and do not want to deal with the task of bug proofing and the obstacle of watering your garden beds, this set is ideal. The included 5′ 7 high fence stops deer and other insects from jumping into your garden, while doubling as a trellis for tomatoes, peas, beans, cucumber and other climbing plants.

Features & & Benefits:

  • Deer Proof – 5 foot 7 inch high fence doubles as a trellis, while preventing deer from delving into the garden.
  • Raised Garden Beds – 20 high raised beds mean you do not have to flex down as far, and the soil will retain more moisture than much shorter beds. Soil fills right to the bottom. Perfect for growing all sorts of veggies, herbs, fruit and flowers.
  • Gate – Easy gain access to for weeding and planting through included door.
  • Solid Cedar Building And Construction – Durable 1.25 unattended cedar lumber, naturally rot resistant.
  • Hardware Consisted of – Rust evidence brackets, hinges, and screws.
  • Optional Automatic Watering System – and timer waters your garden for you.

Optional Automatic Watering System:

Optional Watering Kit

Found at the back corner of the garden, this automated soaker tube watering system takes even the simplest of duties out of your hands. We use a digital battery ran controller that is really easy to utilize. A garden tube can be linked to the unit, or the hose pipe adaptor can be eliminated so the watering system can be connected into your existing watering system with piping. When the controller turns on, water leaks out through the 50 ft. soaker tube. Price: $185.00. Consists of:.

  • Digital Battery Operated Controller – immediately waters your garden.
  • Soaker Tube – lay hose around your plants, cover with a layer of mulch, and water leaks out when controller switches on (pipe stakes consisted of).
  • Coiled Tube – conveniently installed in the sidewalk of the fenced garden.
  • Sprayer – connects to end of the coiled hose pipe. You can manually spray your plants if you pick to, or utilize the pipe to clean your hands.


You can assemble this garden kit yourself, or have a local handyperson follow the directions and set it up for you. Select a bright and level piece of land for your garden.

It takes just minutes to connect the fencing sections to the garden beds. At 67 inches in overall height, the fence will keep out pets, bunnies and deer.

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