How To Use A Dollar Store Garden Gathering Basket

Gathering the fruits of our labor is one of a gardener’s greatest pleasures. Walking amongst rows, boxes, or pots and seeing what has grown under your care is truly amazing. I know our first year of gardening was (shockingly) fruitful. Our house was a new build on a former field, and the plants went crazy. I was giddy every time I gathered from the garden. It’s like going outside and discovering presents, and who doesn’t love presents?? But how to get all those goodies inside…

Gathering baskets are nothing new. Every gardener needs something to collect his/her treasures in. It can be an apron flap, shirt front, basket, or just plain bare hands. I’ve used all of these options but have been wanting something easier. The basket I’ve used the past few seasons was always covered with dirt on the bottom. And I didn’t really love that sitting on my kitchen counter (especially with a preschooler who puts his hands on EVERYTHING).

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Pinterest , oh the abyss that it is, gave me an idea for a two part basket. The one they advertised seemed a bit pricey, and I wasn’t willing to splurge. Amazon had a simpler version for a bit less (you can see it here ), but it still wasn’t what I wanted. Lucky for me, I just happened down the aisle at the Dollar Tree and found the perfect sized baskets for my project.

Dollar Store Gathering Basket

gathering basket

The baskets were with the laundry items, and the basket with holes is slightly smaller than the handled basket. Perfection!! The smaller basket fits neatly inside, and I can use the handles on the large basket to easily carry them both around the garden. There is plenty of space for veggies, fruits, and herbs to be harvested.

gathering basket

Why do I need two baskets? I’m so glad that you asked. Once I’m finished gathering that day’s produce, I simply walk my basket over to the garden hose and clean off any dirt or soil clinging to the veggies.

gathering basket

I then lift the inner basket out and let the water drain off through the holes in the side. This can be done by holding the basket at an angle, or you can prop the inner basket up if you have other outdoor chores to do before heading inside. Once your veggies are drained, you can take the entire inner basket inside. Use the water left in your larger basket for watering plants as needed. No wasted water here!

gathering basket

And the added bonus is that this is a job the kids will love to do. I don’t know any little gardeners out there who don’t love any chore involving a water hose. Am I right? Once the veggies are taken out of the basket in the house, I bring the basket back outside to wait for its next use. This little Dollar Store hack has been such a time and resource saver for us, and I hope it will be for you as well.