Easy Children Garden Activities

I understand it might appear strange to be discussing gardening so early in the year. We are still waking up to wintry mornings and drippy days. In the past, my husband and I have actually put in a summer garden, planting in May and harvesting through September. When fall rolls in, I pop garlic in the ground, clean up the beds, and call it a year.

I have just recently recognized that I am missing out on some prime growing time. The growing season in our temperate Northwest climate might easily stretch from early spring to early winter. In reality, you can do today’s activity without even setting foot outisde.

This even includes those of you who have no interest in getting your hands dirty and/or no space to make it occur:teach your kids about how and where their food is grown.I am really passionate about this subject. Kids require to understand that carrots do not grow in the supermarket and potatoes do not amazingly appear as french fries in their Happy Meals.

I promise I will spare you my connection to the land speech if you do this one basic activity with your kids. Deal?


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Activity:Watching Seeds Germinate
Ger-min-ate [jur– m.uh – neyt.] 1.to.
establish.into.a.plant.or specific,.as a.seed,.spore,.or.bulb.3.to.
put forth.shoots;.sprout;.to.come.into.existence;.start.Ageyoung child– middle school. My (practically) 3-year old liked this activity that I used to do with my sixth grade students.

Items tall glass or skinny vase (easy to find at thrift shop if you don’t have one to extra), papers, paper towel, seeds, water, and scissors.

Actions ( below) There are lots of different ways to do this experiment, but I have actually used this technique with magnificent outcomes.

Use one paper towel square to line the within the glass. You desire it snug versus the glass all the way around. Trim the top of the paper towel down. Gently tuck them inside the glass.


Add a little bit of water to the bottom of the glass, about 1-2 inches. Your kids can check the glass each day and add water as needed.


Drop a range of seeds in between the paper towel and the glass.




and. pumpkin seeds. work terrific due to the fact that they have great, strong stems, however feel totally free to explore whatever seeds you have. Kids love to compare and contrast the different seeds, and it’s enjoyable to view the entire process unfold. Utilizing a pencil or chopstick, spread the seeds apart, if needed. Try to keep seeds out of the water at the bottom of the glass because they will just rot (although I expect that might be a science lesson in itself). Location the glass in a bright spot and watch the seeds do their thing. Depending upon the age of your kid( s), the learning chances are limitless: from seeds and arranging to germination and photosynthesis. Having difficulty keeping in mind those elementary school botany lessons? Simply Google it.


Here’s a preview at the progress of our experiment!

Trying to find more enjoyable activities to do with kids?

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