How To Grow Asparagus

You love Asparagus! You chose to grow Asparagus in your garden. Helpful for you. Well done.

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Well, your Asparagus is happy that you love it, however do you understand how to put it to bed for the Winter? Follow these few basic actions to ensure an excellent harvest every year

Gather Seeds

The female plant is the just one that produces the seed berries. If you discover that you have plants that produce berries you may desire to collect seeds to share with friends or grow more plants. The female plants may produce less stalks for your kitchen area table so if you don’t care about seeds you can remove the berry producing plants from your garden to make room for other greater producing plants.

Get Rid Of Dead Stalks

When the stalks have all turned brown you require to act with the pruners to cut them off at the base. Here in Texas the Asparagus does not turn all brown often. This is why in the video some of mine still looks a bit green … and why I’m publishing this in February! Eliminating the dead stalks will clean up the garden bed to permit a lot of area for the new growing season coming up. Include those dry stalks to the garden compost or feed them to the goats.

Pull Weeds

Take a few minutes to take the larger weeds out of the bed at this time. If you are on this all year you won’t have much to do here, however if you notice my garden sometimes the weeds resemble a bunch of teenagers having a celebration.

Add Garden compost

Your Asparagus enjoys rich soil! You can offer it just what it desires with some rich compost. If you can not make it, it’s okay, bagged compost is great too.

Cover With Leaves

You do not go to bed without a blanket? Put it to bed in the Winter season with a good layer of leaves. Adding leaves motivates worms to move into your garden bed.

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