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How to Grow Kale Microgreens Quick and Easy

Kale microgreens are some of the faster and much easier to grow micros out there, making them a terrific starter crop for novices. It’s tough to mess these up! They carry out equally well hydroponically or in soil. Nevertheless, if you are harvesting them past the 10 day mark I would suggest either growing in soil or supplementing your hydroponic media with some nutrients.

The cultivar that I prefer to grow is Red Russian Kale, primarily due to the lovely pigmentation on the stem– a light, pinkish-red color that paints a plain contrast with the green leaves. It’s an inexpensive seed to get as well.

Kale Microgreens Quick Details

  • Flavor fresh, milder than most other brassicas.
  • Soak No.
  • Rinse/ Drain No.
  • Germination 2-3 days.
  • Ideal Harvest 8-12 days.

You can either view the complete grow-along video or follow the step-by-step guide. Either method, let’s get growing!


Whatever you need to grow kale microgreens.

Most of what you need to grow kale microgreens you can discover around your home. I like to purchase in bulk because I grow commercially, however you can utilize seed packets found at the local garden shop if you want.


Materials for growing kale microgreens
Whatever you need to grow kale microgreens.

Fill your container just listed below the brim with soil, mist it, and pat it down slightly. Do not compact the soil too much or the roots will have a rough time digging in. As pointed out above, you can grow these hydroponically as well, but I prefer soil for taste factors.

If growing in a 10 x 20 tray, utilize around 1-1.25 oz of seed for the tray, doing your best to disperse as uniformly as possible. I utilize an old spice shaker to get a good circulation, however you can do well with your hands or a basic glass too.

After planting, gently mist the seeds again and cover them with something that will keep out all light. I grow in 10 x 20 plant proliferation trays, so I like to utilize another 10 x 20 tray flipped upside down. However as long as you keep it dark, anything will work.


Planting Kale microgreens
Make sure you use adequate seed!

Over the next couple of days, check in on your kale micros to make sure they’re germinating and to mist them gently with water. You need to see many of your seeds sprout within 3 days– if not, something went incorrect (generally temperature level or bad seed).

After 3-4 days, your micros are all set for the sun. At this moment, you have the choice of putting something on top of your container to press down on the young seedlings to stress them a bit before putting out in the sun. Individuals do this to require the plant to struggle, indicating a larger, more healthy plant.

For the next week or two, be sure to water your plants routinely– but don’t overdo it, specifically in the middle of the tray. That’s a simple way to get mold or fungus. The amount you need to water will depend upon two things

  1. Are you growing with sunlight or artificial light? If growing in the sun, you’ll have to water more.
  2. How deep is your growing medium? You’ll need to water less the deeper it is.


Harvesting kale microgreens
Cut at an angle, 1/2′ above the soil line.

Around ten days after planting your kale microgreens ought to be prepared to harvest. You can let them grow longer and pass into the true leaf stage, where they straddle the line in between microgreens and child greens, but that depends on you.

When gathering, it’s essential to use a strategy that prevents the need to clean your greens. Washing greens will dramatically minimize their life span in addition to waste a great deal of your time. Offered you’ve grown in a tidy, safe environment and you harvest in such a way that avoids debris, you can entirely skip cleaning your greens.

The way I do this is with an. very sharp knife slicing through about 1/2′ above the soil line at an angle. In this manner I evade the soil completely and rather a bit of the seed husks too, as they are usually near the bottom of the stem.

Kale microgreens normally yield a minimum of a 5:1 ratio of greens to seeds, meaning that you should get at least 5oz of greens off of 1oz of seed. I normally get 9-10oz off of my trays!

Make sure your kale micros are completely dry and store them in a sealed container in your fridge. They must last at least a week, if not longer.

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