10 Indoor Fruit Trees You Can Grow Indoors

Taking care of an Indoor Fruit Tree

If you are concerned these trees will be high upkeep, do not worry. They are really rather hardy and apapt well to nearly any environment.

The secret is providing enough sunshine. Place them in a location where they will get about six hours of sunlight daily, preferably a western or southern direct exposure.

Water your tree once a week or when the soil is on the dry side of wet. Likewise, since fruit trees in general like damp conditions, mist them with tepid water from a spray bottle 2 or 3 times weekly.

It’s not needed, these trees will delight in being outdoors in the warm summertime months. A patio or veranda is an ideal area. The majority of these varieties are self pollinating however being outdoors will let bees and other bugs get the job done.

Here are 10 ranges of indoor fruit trees for your house

Meyer Lemon

This is maybe the most popular variety. This tree will peak at about 4 feet and produce lemons that are sweeter than those you will find at the grocery store, and almost the same size too.

Secret Lime

Topping out at 3 feet or so, this tree produces two crops annually of little, tart essential limes, ideal for dishes and to add to beverages.

Dwarf Orange

A number of varieties of dwarf orange trees are available, including blood oranges, navel, and juice oranges. A lot of are seedless and we discover the oranges to be sweeter than those you can buy.


This tree tops out at four feet and is rather respected. We especially like the lush green foliage and the natural, tropical aroma from the blossoms.


With pomegranates all the rage for their various health advantages, it was just a matter of time prior to an indoor pomegranate tree ended up being offered. It produces fruit the exact same size as normal pomegranates, with a softer, juicier, and sweeter flesh.

Citrus 3 in One

Try this range if you can’t choose which tree or trees you want. It produces lemons, oranges, and tangerines all on one tree! It tops off at 4 feet and the fruit is full sized.


The grapefruit from this tree is somewhat smaller, with a pinkish flesh. The fruit is seedless and less tart than standard grapefruit.

Dwarf Banana

This fast growing specimen will grow five to 6 feet high and produce six inch bananas within 2 years. The tree has huge, deep green textured leaves which really includes an element of the tropics to your house.


This dry spell resistant small tree bears pineapples that are more fleshy, without the woody center of store purchased pineapples.


An exotic looking specimen that grows only three feet tall, the dwarf papaya tree is a quick grower that produces fruit within a year.


Increasingly more alternatives are offered for those who wish to grow their own fruit inside. These sturdy indoor fruit trees are ideal for any home and will love only very little care. Further, they are rather inexpensive, with most ranges costing less than $20.

Perfect for beginning and professional garden enthusiasts alike, indoor fruit trees are the ideal addition to any living space. Their mild aromatic scent acts as a natural air freshener and includes a touch of the tropics to any living area.

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