All About The Alchemy of Plants

To balance my intense work in architecture these days and thus my more irregular writings, I live now on the edge of the wild– where I discover myself recharging, recalibrating, regrowing in a space of stillness and subtle flow. I moved to a beautiful location in Marin, surrounded by animals and plants bringing magic into my life.

What is so engaging about living so near to the wild? Placing ourselves in this realm ends up being necessary for our well being in our significantly digitized world. Being exposed to the wild can awaken our very own and expose the parts of us that ended up being numb and aren’t so alive. Our connection to nature can awaken the repressed fiber, dimension, essence of the feminine in all people.

You do not have to wait to go to wild places to come in contact with the spiritually embodied power of nature if you are a nature enthusiast. You can welcome the presence of the plant world, consciousness, and frequency into your home space and indulge in its energy and glow. Just being in the existence of something so alive enlivens us, if we open our hearts and let its subtle circulation and radiance touch our being and rekindle our own.

As much as we earthtlings pride ourselves for being more ‘evolved’ beings; plants and other animals have an instinctual understanding that frequently escapes our so called ‘progressed’ selves. Plants don’t battle their natural impulse to

  • Grow roots and ground. Plants grow roots to absorb water and nutrients. They ground their being in order to expand as they connect to earth and sky.
  • Seek the light and glow in the dark. Is not that darkness is bad, it’s simply that light feeds life. Plants look for orient and light themselves towards it, magically turning it into nourishment.
  • Produce and discover nourishment. Not just do they transform sunshine into food, plants also change co2 (with the assistance of water) into oxygen for all life to thrive. They allow and release. They breathe.
  • Link in subtle methods. Just since you can’t notice does not indicate it is not there. Plants sense in ways we do not. We can get peaceful to hear the soft whisper of spirit arrive on our resembling the soft touch of a butterfly on our skin, the withering of a serpent on the earth, or the smooth glide of an eagle in the sky.

Plants are ancient beings, alchemists that help us align with the circulation of deep space. They kindly use themselves as sacred food and medicine when taken entire and not stripped of their spirit. Being in touch with plants can help us remember our own power to ground, broaden, breathe, sustain life and feel alive.

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