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Top 20 Hard to Kill Indoor Plants

We have tried and tested most of the plants on our top 20 difficult to kill indoor plants list so we’re pretty positive even someone with a black thumb could keep them alive.

1. String of pearls

This oh-so-pretty succulent gets its name from its pearl-like strands that can become large and round like marbles. The trick to keeping this beauty alive is to pot it in soil that drains pipes well, such as cactus soil that has a sandy consistency, and to keep it out of direct sunshine. String of pearls likes to dry entirely in between waters so make certain not to overwater it!

2. Peace lily

Gina’s peace lily has actually been going strong for over 6 years and the finest thing about this plant is itshowsyou when it needs water (all the arms of it simply tumble down) and once you provide it water, it’s back to being A-OK.

Do not stress if it appears like it has well and genuinely passed away with every leaf turning brown, this plant has a way of rising from the ashes. Just get rid of all the dead leaves (you may be taking a look at absolutely nothing however dirt) and just water well once a week– there’s a likelihood you’ll see brand-new leaves coming up in just a number of weeks.

3. Golden pothos

This attractive, easy-to-grow and durable vine plant enjoys intense, indirect sunlight and can withstand heats. They’re likewise said to be amongst the best indoor plants for air purification.

Aloe vera plant hard to kill indoor plants
Aloe vera plant

4. Spider plant

Perhaps the hardiest indoor plant on the list, you’ll like how forgiving the spider plant is. It can grow in a vast array of conditions and struggles with couple of problem, making it perfect for beginner garden enthusiasts. The only things to look out for with a spider plant is not to overwater– excessive water can cause root rot and it likes to dry completely in between watering– and to place in well-drained soil.

5. Mother-in-law’s tongue

This gorgeous, sculptural plant needs very little maintenance. Just water when soil is dry and transplant every year or more, when it has outgrown its pot. Like the majority of the plants on this list, you also need to keep an eye out for overwatering which can drown the plant. When the plant is large enough, you can also propagate it by pulling away a clump and placing it in a new pot

6. Aloe

Aloe is one of our favorite hard to eliminate indoor plants and has too lots of health advantages to name, such as helping with sleeping disorders and air purification. It’s sturdy and lovely and ought to be treated it in the exact same way as any cactus plant– keep watering to a minimum and make sure there are a lot of drainage holes in the pot.

7. Echeverias

Echeverias is the succulent on our desk listed below and not just is it still going strong, we have actually been able to take cuttings and propagate it lots of times.

You can discover out more about propagating succulents here .

Home style curator hard to kill indoor plants

8. Ponytail palm

Over current years, this plant has actually gotten appeal as an indoor plant. With smooth curly leaves and bulb-like trunk, it grows happily in a lot of conditions. Keep watering to a minimum throughout winter season and fertilise one or two times a year to keep it delighted and healthy.

9. Ox tongue

This aloe-like succulent has been crossed lot of times throughout the years so there is a vast array of unusual varieties now available. This plant prefers dryer conditions and can form a fungal infection in high humidity but otherwise it’s a robust plant that can endure more shade than a lot of succulents, making it perfect for inside your home

10. Zebra haworthia

A striking however little plant that requires minimal care. It can keep water in its leaves so will survive with even less regular watering than many succulent plants. It can likewise stand up to full, direct sunshine.

11. Jade plant

The other week we used a jade plant in our DIY mini moss ball tutorial ( revealed below) and it is one very hardy plant!

It can endure a lot, consisting of infrequent watering and strong sun, and is stated to be a fortunate tree or cash tree.

DIY mini moss ball planter hard to kill indoor plants

12. Philodendron

For a mega dose of botanical vibes, you can’t look past this stunning plant with large, shiny leaves. It’s easy to take care of this plant if you try to find the indications– if the leaves turn yellow, it’s an indication it’s getting too much sunlight. Test the soil before watering as the top 2-5cms ought to be dry prior to watering once again.

13. Prayer plant

You likewise require to keep a bit of an eye on the Prayer plant as it does not cope in direct sunlight and gain from a versatile fertiliser feed every month. This very little maintenance deserves it for those striking leaves #hearteyes.

14. String of hearts

Another of our preferred plants is this dainty vine succulent. String of hearts can grow long, great hairs approximately numerous metres long with fragile heart-shaped leaves. This plant will enjoy the sunniest space of your home.

String of hearts hard to kill indoor plants
String of hearts.

15. Fiddle leaf fig

It wasn’t so long ago that this was the hottest trending indoor plant and while others have actually now rivalled its position, it’s still a lovely and low-maintenance plant– offered you know a couple of basic ideas to look after it. Keep your fig in a bright space however out of direct sunshine or the leaves will turn brown and shrivel. Avoid over watering (it can go nearly all winter without any water) as it can not tolerate overwatering.

You might be able to resuscitate it by offering it a house in your bathroom for a few months if your fig looks like it’s dead. The lighting and humidity of a restroom works marvels and brought our fiddle back to life.

16. Umbrella plant

A bit of an under-appreciated house plant is the umbrella plant and we believe it’s due for its time in the limelight soon! Like most of the plants on this list, it chooses dry soil to wet so go simple on watering.

17. Burro tail

Likewise referred to as ‘Donkey tail’ this is one cool looking succulent that grows happily in a pot but looks especially fantastic and prospers in a hanging planter. Taking care of this plant is simple peasy, just keep it out of severe sunshine (some direct early morning or afternoon sun is okay), make sure the pot and soil offer excellent drainage, and give it an excellent dosage of plant food at least once a year. A healthy and pleased Burro tail can flower with an amazing cluster of little reddish flowers.

18. Dracaena

Among the most typical indoor plants and for excellent factor– it’s simple to take care of, has outstanding spiky tropical foliage, and assists to cleanse air. This plant thrives in warmer conditions and prefers lower light conditions.

Aloe vera plant.

19. Rubber plant

Likewise called a Ficus elastica, this large indoor plant has gorgeous deep green glossy leaves and is easy to keep alive when you understand how.

Position the plant in a room where it gets brilliant light however not direct sunlight. You can water it 1-2 times a week during summer months and only 1-2 times a month during winter months when it comes to watering. It’s likewise a great concept to wipe the leaves with a moist cloth to avoid dust construct up– your plant will like it and it will look more gorgeous too.

20. English ivy

Thought about an insect in some areas (as it can grow wild in nature and threaten other species), it can not do any damage in a pot in your home. In fact, it in fact does an excellent job at enhancing air quality in your house. This evergreen vine needs part shade and well-drained soil.

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