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10 Little Veggie Garden Concepts

The size of your garden shouldn’t stop you from growing your own fresh veggies. With a bit of creativity, even a limited area can end up being a source of bounty in the near future. Here, we present 10 small vegetable garden ideas that show anybody can be a garden enthusiast.

There are certainly many ways to maximize your space for growing vegetables. Whether you utilize windowsill gardening or vertical gardening, we hope that this inspired you to start your own vegetable garden.

# 1. Vertical Gardening

Small Vegetable Garden Ideas

One of the most popular ways of increasing the planting space is to have a vertical garden. You can use any of your walls and let them serve as the foundation of your vertical garden. For growing squash and beans, you can connect some wooden supports and wire mesh. When it comes to herbs and small-sized bush tomatoes, you can grow them in hanging containers. Do note that height of your plants upon growing so that you can space them accordingly.

# 2. Container Veggie Gardening

Small Vegetable Garden Ideas

Why not use your containers to grow your vegetables? Even if you do not have actual plant containers, you can make one by drillings holes in pails, pails, boxes, and even baskets. There is no requirement to spend extra money for this. It’s finest to paint any dark containers with light colors because darker varieties have high heat-retention capabilities that can damage the young roots of your vegetables.

# 3. Windowsill Gardening

Small Vegetable Garden Ideas

Even if you do not have enough garden area, you will not run out of lettuce, spinach, and carrots anytime quickly thanks to your windows. This form of gardening needs that your window gets at least four hours of sunlight each day. Also, it is essential to use enough fertilizer and water to your veggies. For growing spinach, the soil should have a little moisture while the planter must have a minimum depth of six inches.

Small Vegetable Garden Ideas

Here, you’ll need to get plastic buckets with a five-gallon capability each. Next, drill three-inch holes at the main part of the bottom area to guarantee correct drainage. Apart from this, you require to drill quarter-inch holes at the 2 opposing sides of the edges of the pail. These holes are where you will place nylon cable for hanging the buckets. Before you place the tomato plant and the soil, put layers of newspaper at the bottom for preliminary soil retention.

# 5. Single-Container Gardening

Small Vegetable Garden Ideas

What if you are stuck with a single container? Well, you can grow several plants in there if it’s substantial enough. A galvanized trough typically discovered in regional stores offering animals feed can be used for planting tomatoes, peppers, and basil. Apart from drilling in holes for ample drainage, you need to likewise make sure that the container gets a minimum of 6 hours of sunshine every day.

# 6. Pipeline Veggie Growing

Small Vegetable Garden Ideas

This kind of vertical gardening utilizes PVC pipelines. This is relatively easy to construct, and the pipelines are currently designed to have a good drain system for your veggies. You can increase the height of your vertical garden just by linking one pipeline to another.

A pipe with a width of 6 inches can have one to three holes for the plants. Keep in mind to put the pipeline at a good depth in the ground. Similarly, place pebbles or rocks at the bottom of the pipeline to stop it from dropping.

# 7. Garden Trellis

Small Vegetable Garden Ideas

Apart from being a hassle-free way to grow vegetables, a garden trellis can provide shade for any resting location outside your house. A trellis can be made using lumber and a number of screws. Get some lumber and cut them into several pieces. Next, assemble the grid and the frame utilizing the screws. For some visual appeal, you can color the trellis with paint or wood stain.

# 8. Window Pane Gardening

Small Vegetable Garden Ideas

How can you utilize your window to grow your own veggies? Well, one way to address this is to have a rotating window garden. This style permits individuals without any verandas or gardens.

# 9. Indoor Vegetable Gardening

Small Vegetable Garden Ideas

Your veggie garden can be begun inside your home. You can grow several veggies such as kale, carrots, onions, tomatoes, and bush beans in containers indoors.

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Small Vegetable Garden Ideas

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