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10 Popular Vegetables That Grow in Containers

There is absolutely nothing more rewarding as growing your own vegetables and consuming them fresh right out of the garden.

Not everyone is blessed to have a huge backyard garden though and some individuals do not even have adequate room to do a little square foot gardening . No worries,you can grow almost any veggie in a container as long as you have fantastic potting soil, stay with a routine watering schedule, and you adjust where the pots are for optimal sunlight. Some veggies are incredibly simple to grow in containers like tomatoes or spinach whereas if you desire to attempt something a bit more tough, try growing pumpkins in your container garden.

Here are the 10 Most Popular Veggies to Grow in containers whether in your backyard, patio, or terrace.

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  1. Tomatoes. Plant just 1 tomato plant per 5 gallon container as they are heavy feeders and require a lot of nutrient-rich soil to produce all those tomatoes. Don’t forget to put a tomato cage around them from the beginning– otherwise, as your plant grows, it will sag over and you will lose tomatoes to rot (get more ideas on how to grow tomatoes )
  2. Spinach is popular to grow as it is one of the superfoods that must remain in our everyday diets (and it is so easy to grow your own superfoods ). Toss the seeds over natural potting soil and in a week the baby spinach will have sprouted and you can begin collecting. You do not have to evenly space this seeds and are incredibly simple to grow in a container, just keep the soil evenly damp. Want to grow spinach in your garden? Learn how !).
  3. Kale. If you desire to grow baby kale then spray the seeds like you did with the spinach. You can get rid of the external leaves as the plant grows and make a fantastic kale saladHow to Grow an Herb Container Garden
  4. Lettuce.
  5. Sow different types of seeds together to develop your own spring mix. If growing for heads of lettuce, sow 4-6 inches apart.Carrots.
  6. are a really popular vegetable to grow in containers. Spread the seeds around and then thin them out as they start to grow so the plants are 2-3 inches apart. You can pull then up as soon as the shoulders begin to rise out of the soil. Radishes.
  7. can be grown with the carrots as they will grow faster and are all set to harvest 3 weeks after the seeds have been sowed. You can then plant once again and have two rounds of radishes by the time the carrots are ready.
  8. Brussels Sprouts will grow upright in a container to be about 2-3 feet tall so simply have one plant in 8-10 inch container.
  9. Cucumbers are heat caring plants and need to be grown in a large container that is at least 10 inches as they require a lot of nutrients from the soil. One plant quickly feeds a household of four so be careful if you plant a few of them as you will have more cucumbers than you understand what to do with. Pumpkins. are the most challenging veggie to grow in containers, however oh so popular. If you grow the little ones, plant 1-2 seeds in a big container if planting Jack O Lanterns or sugar pumpkins only one plant per 5 gallon container.. As the plant vines out, let it grow out in all instructions. Quickly your entire garden will have lots of pumpkin vines, which is really cool! (discover out more about.
  10. how to grow pumpkins.. Potatoes. Place 3 seed potatoes in the bottom of a big container on top of 4 of soil and then add another 4 of soil on top of the bulbs. As they grow up, continue to include more soil so that only the leading inch of the plant is looking through the soil until you reach about 18-24 inches of soil depth.

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