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Homemade Garlic-Mint Garden Pest Spray That Really Works!

Easy to make and use, homemade garlic-mint garden pest spray was evaluated on severely assaulted basil plants & & a flowering vine and worked with just 2 applications! This bug spray has continued to work in my garden as well as numerous reader’s gardens, too.

Welcome to one of AOC’s popular gardening DIYs: how to make a natural garlic-mint bug spray easily from pantry ingredients- that actually works! Be sure to have a look at these other resources for additional information on this spray:

When faced with apparently damaged plants?), the background to this experiment is a tale known to numerous natural garden enthusiasts (and perhaps even would-be garden enthusiasts who offered up: years of either ignoring it (and living or losing plants with harmed plants) or attempting various treatments from diatomaceous earth (deal with numerous things though tiresome to apply, often tough to find, needs a great deal of reapplication, might eliminate excellent bugs) to soap and water (this never truly did much in my garden).

And for some factor, while I do not have much of a problem beyond cucumber beetles in our big, primary garden (and most years I do not lose plants to them), our herb garden hosts something(.

s.) that have eaten the basil every year because we.included it to our yard . I created this spray in 2015 (adapted from a. Keeper of the Home. post) to utilize on them, however didn’t really keep track of it, although I do remember that it worked. This year when our basil was hit particularly hard as well as some marigolds I planted amongst the herbs and the trumpet vine growing up the gazebo throughout the path, I blended up a new batch, wrote it down and documented in photos so if it actually did work, I could share it with you.

And you’re not going to think how well it worked– in fact, as I was putting this together I was believing I was going to need to include disclaimers on the images like I guarantee these actually are the exact same plants or something, so you’ll believe me!

I’m pinky-swearing or whatever you require from me: the 3 images in the collage above actually, truthfully are the.

very same plant.from starting to 4 weeks later. I understand, can you think it?And likewise truthfully: even after twenty years of growing things, seeing stunted, bug-eaten plants like my poor basil makes me wish to surrender in some cases. It’s simply … ugh. These were three basil plants that I grew from seed, nurturing them along and to see them look like this in just a couple of weeks after planting out? It’s tough.

Therefore I sprayed my homemade garlic-mint spray all over that bad plant, but I didn’t truly think it was much for this world. It had only one growing suggestion left, however seriously, take a look at it (above left)– who would consider that man an opportunity?

Well, I started seeing outcomes within days– new growth! After a week I still was a bit skeptical– was that old bug-bitten leaves or brand-new? By week 2, I knew we had a winner and I snapped a photo before using one more light spraying and then waiting another 2 weeks.

Look at this gorgeous, healthy basil plant! There’s a bug-bite occasionally, however I can cope with that (and we natural gardeners do, typically, a-hem), however most of the new growth is blemish-free and I have actually started gathering and making our.

not-so-secret-ingredient frugal pesto. to freeze. Now, I needed to share this with you as well, although the images were not taken in fantastic light. This plant on the left was the worst of the 3 basils– stunted beyond anything I had seen with every growing idea eaten off and the staying leaves were hard and leatherlike.

It was so bad I did dig it up and was just about to drop it in the compost (which I probably would’ve done if I hadn’t been intending on sharing this with you all), but at the last minute I planted it in an empty spot out in the main garden, spraying it with the garlic-mint spray. And while it took longer to rebound (duh, I would, too!), I took the image on the right just a few days ago, hardly believing what I was seeing.

Is this things a miracle employee, or what? I ought to most likely point out, too, that when I applied it the very first time, we got a lots of rain the following week and I made certain it wasn’t going to work. Garden M-I-R-A-C-L-E.

And, you can most likely see where this is going (should I have conserved all the afters for the end? This bug (I still don’t know what– I have actually never seen anything so it must be nighttime) consumed leaves like other bugs, but seemed to zero in on the brand-new growing ideas, which is a sure way to kill a plant.

And now the vine is growing like trumpet vines are supposed to (that would be out-of-control, for those not familiar with trumpet vines, ha!), full of charming leaves and new growing suggestions. I believe this thing has grown 3 feet in just a couple weeks, that’s how much the pests had actually stunted it.

Are you passing away to know what is in the spray and how to make it? It’s super easy and uses easy-to-find (or grow) components– I created it up by integrating a number of sources, none of which had a clear ‘recipe’ (I credited one source above) so I’m writing it out for you so you can make it whenever you require it.

I’m so happy to present this to your garden, because I think you’re going to enjoy it as much as I do. Oh, and the mint? It makes this smell.

good.— no yucky mixture here for you to suffer through.Click the green arrow for the complete DIY Garlic-Mint Spray recipe!

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