Succulents For Beginners

Firstly, I need to say succulents are easy adorable! They can be found in all shapes and sizes and are extremely resilient little things. They have actually become so popular lately and are now appearing in bridal arrangements, home design and can even be offered as stunning homemade presents!

Succulents For Beginners


Do you enjoy the idea of house plants or garden flower beds however have a bad case of the black thumb? Succulents may be for you! What’s better than living art that essentially takes care of itself ?!

How To Keep Succulents


The crucial to planting succulents is correct drain. Succulents tend to have shallow roots and little containers are best. If planting in a large container I would encourage you to use some type of filler.


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Simply since Cacti are part of the succulent family do not presume all ranges can stand up to extremely hot conditions. Succulents like intense sunshine however NOT direct sunshine. Try to water the soil not the plant.


There aren’t lots of flowers that will thrive in other places when snipped from the original! This is what I like about succulents– they are incredibly easy to increase! You can check out succulent propagation here .

My Succulent Children

My Succulents

My Succulents 1

Get Creative!



My Succulents

There is no end to the eccentric services you can find for planting succulents. This one was unexpected as I acquired more plants than I had containers. Until I find a dainty porcelain tea cup, in it he will remain!

Plant them in Mason containers and provide as a present or hollow out a narrow strip in some driftwood to develop a clever window sill garden, the possibilities are unlimited.

If you suffer from compulsive succulove, let me know in the remarks. Even much better, let me know how you have actually planted them and be sure to take a look at my Easy $5 Succulent Planter idea!

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