3 Do It Yourself Self Watering Ideas for Your Garden

Really bothersome from the point of view of your container plants, however hey, we’re human! Here are some great DIY self watering concepts for your garden, so no matter how much fun you have on vaca, you don’t come back to a plant funeral.

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Self Watering Technique Number 1:

My individual fav– the red wine bottle self watering system. I have actually personally checked this one out folks. (I understood my love of red wine was excellent for something besides, well, my love of red wine!).

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Wash an empty wine bottle, (or other glass bottle with a narrow neck) and fill with water. Standing next to your planter, rapidly turn over the bottle and press the neck down into the soil near the center of the planter. The water in the bottle will seep into the soil over a number of days, keeping the soil uniformly wet. Lettuce Share. ‘ added some additional adjustments and made it even much better.

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Soda Bottle Watering Planter Technique:

This one is better for a larger container or planter, or perhaps a delicate plant in ground that requires a more constant supply of water. Rinse an empty two liter soda bottle. Cut the neck off so that the top opening can be easily filled with a hose pipe. Or cut off the bottom and place the bottle upside down. The cut open bottom now ends up being the neck. Punch or cut small holes arbitrarily through the body of the bottle, as displayed in the photo. Dig a hole big enough to bury the bottle in either the center of the planter, or right next to the root system of a plant that remains in ground. Load soil up to the open neck of the bottle. Fill the bottle with water from the top. The water will permeate slowly through the holes in the bottle, into the soil. Being buried in the soil will assist prevent too much evaporation. This technique likewise promotes a deep root system.

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Self Watering Trick Number 3:

Develop a self watering system using a commercially purchased cheat … You can either buy . Glass Plant Watering Globes or you can use the wine bottle method above by getting yourselves. Plant Nanny Stakes. to insert the neck into. These provide the bottle the strength and shape to be pressed deep enough into the soil.

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Plant Nanny Stakes. for turning white wine bottles into a vacation watering system for your plants.

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So go ahead, get outta town! These Do It Yourself self watering concepts for your garden will keep everything green and delighted for your return!

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