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how to begin? (Willem Van Cotthem)– CONTAINER GARDENING

With each other with my friend Gilbert VAN DAMME (Zaffelare, Belgium) I have actually established some effective explores upright horticulture in\” container towers\”.

We are utilizing all kinds of recycled containers, e.g. plastic bottles, pots, containers. The containers are piled into\” towers\”..

Today, I will certainly define the method exactly how to start a.\” container tower\”., showing the different steps with some pictures:.

2011-09-07 – Step 1: We leave the cover on container No. 1 (Picture WVC).
2011-09-07 – Step 2: We cut the lower part of bottle No. 1 (Photo WVC).
2011-09-07 – Action 3: Base component of the container No. 1 reduced off (Image WVC).
2011-09-07 – Action 4: With a sharp item (below scissors) the wall of bottle No. 1 is perforated at 2-4\” (5-10 cm) from the top of the cover (Image WVC).
2011-09-07 – Action 5: A 2nd perforation (drainage hole) is made diagonally across the bottle No. 1. Listed below the 2 openings a tiny reserve of water is kept in the container. Through these drain openings a possible surplus of water can be left( Picture WVC).
2011-09-07 – Action 6: Container No. 1 is loaded with potting soil (or a mixture of dirt and also manure) as much as 1-2\” (2,5-5 centimeters) of the side of the bottle (Picture WVC).
2011-09-07 – Step 7: Bottle No. 1 is the lower bottle of the future tower (Picture WVC).
2011-09-07 – Action 8: For the next 3 bottles (No. 2, 3 as well as 4, without the 2 drainage holes) we take the cover off as well as cut the lower component (Image WVC).
2011-09-07 – Step 9: After loading the 3 containers (No. 2, 3 and also 4) with potting dirt, they will be placed upon the lower bottle of the tower (Picture WVC).
2011-09-07 – Action 10: A tower of the 4 containers (Picture WVC).
2011-09-07 – Step 11: The bottle tower is kept upright with a pair of basic cables (Picture WVC).
2011-09-07 – Step 12: We use the leading part of a bottle (No. 5, without the lid) as a push the traffic jam as well as funnel right into the soil of the upper container No. 4 (Image WVC).
2011-09-07– Step 13: A container No. 6 will be used as a watertank in addition to the funnel (Bottle No. 5). For that reason, a small (1 mm) opening of the cover is made (here with a drill) (Image WVC).
2011-09-07– Tip 14: Bottle no. 6 is the top container, utilized as a watertank, water running gradually through this little hole (Image WVC).
2011-09-07– Step 15: Watertank container No. 6 is pressed right into bottle No. 5, the channel (Image WVC).
2011-09-07 – Action 16: The whole tower is currently progressively moistened by pouring water in the leading container No. 6 with its perforated lid. Water trickles right into the funnel (Container No. 5) as well as with this it infiltrates into the potting soil of bottles No. 4, 3, 2 and 1, where a feasible excess of water will be evacuated via the 2 drainage holes in the wall surface (Image WVC).
2011-09-07 – Step 17: Water runs gradually from the watertank (Bottle No. 6) right into the funnel (Container No. 5) as well as from there into the soil of Container No. 4 (Image WVC).
2011-09-07 – Action 17: Water running gradually from the watertank (Bottle No. 6) right into the channel (Bottle No. 5) (Picture WVC).
2011-09-07 – Step 18: With a sharp blade we reduced a straight slit and 2 vertical slits in Bottles No. 4, 3, 2 as well as 1( Photo WVC).
2011-09-07 – Action 19: Therefore a little \”home window\” is created in Bottles No. 4, 3, 2 and 1 (Picture WVC).
2011-09-07 – Action 20: With a finger one can press a tiny tooth cavity in the potting soil (Image WVC).
2011-09-07 – Action 21: The rootball of seedlings or young plants can be grown in the \”home window\” of each container (Photo WVC).
2011-09-07 – Step 22: Pretty soon brand-new origins will be developed in the humid potting soil as well as the young plants will certainly begin their development without to be watered regularly, because the total tower is practically not loosing water (practically no evaporation) (Photo WVC).
2011-09-07 – Step 23: It takes only a number of weeks to see all the varieties of herbs and also veggies, grown in the \”bottle windows\”, turning into fantastic fresh food, full of nutrients elements (Photo WVC).
2011-09-07 – Step 23: An impressive kitchen yard is born with very little methods and initiatives. It can be established at any type of location in urban and country areas, a really efficient device in the combat of cravings, lack of nutrition and also destitution (Photo WVC).

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