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Fractals/ Mikyoung Kim Design

This is the image that sits above my computer system screen. It’s a fractal kind, which explains how we work. Within fractals, there are similar types however at different scales. The molecular scale and broad scale collaborate as a whole. Fractals are a system. You can’t draw an outline of a fractal and fill it in, or develop a bottom-up modular system and put one together. Fractals have to do with the overarching structure,\” said Mikyoung Kim, FASLA, head ofher name landscape architecture firm, in a lecture at the National Building Museum.

Fractals connect to her innovative procedure. Simply as at the broad scale– or the bird’s-eye view– you can see human behavior patterns, at the molecular scale, she is thinking of someone, and their multi-sensory experience within that place. However, having stated all of that, Kim likewise thinks that landscape architects can’t predict how a public space will be utilized and permit versatility.

Kim described a few projects that show her attention to both the broad and human scales, and how they fit together into a system:

ChonGae Canal Source Point Park: Sunken Stone Garden

She won an international design competition to produce theChonGae Canal Source Point Park, with its Sunken Stone Gardenin Seoul, South Korea. For Kim, it was a fantastic experience working there, as she is a Korean American born in Hartford, Connecticut. She found that Seoul has 22 million individuals, which has to do with half the population of South Korea as a whole. It’s 8 times denser than New York City, with 16,000 individuals per square mile.

As soon as a river that gathered water from surrounding mountains, the 7-mile-long ChonGae Canal was. The river was one of the factors Seoul became the capital of Korea in the late 1300s. Over the years, it ended up being a channel for wastewater and raw sewage. By the early 1960s, it had ended up being a sign of poverty, and so hazardous that you could not even touch the water. It was eventually covered over with a raised highway, dividing the city.

The Seoul government removed the highway and chose to open the river once again. They brought day light back to the corridor and improved the water quality to class 2 level, which was truly hard. The brand-new river corridor park needed to deal with monsoons and 100-year storms. But, actually, it was about reviving national pride.

Kim worked with the international group restoring the river, however focused on one piece: a stone garden at the source point. With this job, Kim recognized landscape architecture can have substantial political impact. This landscape has caused the city to reassess its relationship with the water, and changed understandings about what’s possible with public space.

ASLA 2009 Professional Awards General Design Award. ChonGae Canal Source Point Park: Sunken Stone Garden/ Taeoh Kim

Likewise, the landscape itself is politically charged. In the age of the positive Sunshine Policy simply a few years earlier, when South Korean leaders thought reunification with North Korea impended, the ChonGae Canal Source Point Park was to be the website of the reunification ceremony.

There are ceremonial aspects of the landscape: Kim set 9 stones to represent the 9 provinces of Korea as a whole. The stones represent the collective effort of this urban park, including a layer of cultural significance. Beyond the cultural aspect, Kim states the park, which has actually been visited by 20 million people because its opening, has caused $600 million in personal sector advancement along the river corridor.

Through the Sunken Stone Garden, Kim came to the conclusion that the most successful tasks are ones where we don’t need to employ a professional photographer. If we can discover lots of pictures through Pinterest, Facebook, Flickr, we’ve succeeded. Successful public spaces are canvases with a style language and character, but can accept different sort of activity and discovery.

ChonGae Canal Source Point Park: Sunken Stone Garden/ Mikyoung Kim Style

Farrar Pond House

Kim stated she does really little residential work, but she developed a.3-acre landscape in Lincoln, Massachusetts., which connects to Walden Pond. The clients had however one requirement: no lawn, but an outdoor area were the kids and canines can run. They ended up choosing there would be no imperious surface areas on the home.

The fence is developed to simply keep these particular canines in. Kim’s group measured the dogs from shoulder to take on to determine what the width of the fence openings ought to be. The fence was welded on site, so it fits the regraded landscape like a glove..

ASLA 2007 Professional Residential Design Honor Award. Farrar Pond Residence/ Mikyoung Kim Style.

On the ground are lilac bluestone pavers and granite stepping stones. As her client stated, it appears like deep space of fences have fallen out to create this pattern..

ASLA 2007 Expert Residential Design Honor Award. Farrar Pond House/ Mikyoung Kim Design.

140 West Plaza: Exhale.

We like smaller sized cities where we can make an even larger impact. In Chapel Hill, North Carolina, a charming, historical university town, Kim worked with regional designers to develop a master strategy for a new downtown park. Kim and her group concurrently looked at circulation, consisting of bicycle infrastructure, plazas, and stormwater. They discovered that the mixed usage developments were producing great deals of surface stormwater run-off.

Kim developed a fantastic option called.Exhale. Rather of storing the run-off in gardens, she persuaded them to breathe out the cleansed runoff through an artful misting system.If there is no extraneous water from the site, there is no mist. Kim choreographed the experience, developing a score of sorts, with light and mist, which grows and dies back. It resembles the sculpture is breathing.

Exhale/ Mikyoung Kim Design.

In the evening, Exhale is a magnet, particularly in the hotter months when the mist is on, as it minimizes temperature levels by 10 degrees. Kids want to get soaking wet. They run and around and engage it..

Exhale/ Mikyoung Kim Style.

The Crown Sky Garden: Ann & & Robert H. Lurie Kid’s Medical facility of Chicago.

I have actually constantly truly enjoyed health care. And now, health care is interested in us. Every center desires a garden, which is much various from twenty years earlier. Still, at the. Ann & & Robert H. Lurie Kid’s Healthcare facility of Chicago., Kim felt pressure to deliver. We were taking 8,000 square feet out of a vertical health center to develop a garden instead of a brand-new MRI center. How does that equal out? While she said her hubby, who is a medical professional, would take concern with the declaration that gardens heal individuals, gardens do \”change our bodies in methods that can’t harm. Within 3-5 minutes, it has been proven that gardens normalize high blood pressure, heart activity, muscle tension, and brain electrical activity.\”.

In this healing garden on the 11th floor, there were enormous restrictions. Provided many young patients there have weak immune systems or just had surgical treatment, they couldn’t be exposed to natural materials like soil or plants. There have been cases of individuals capturing Legionnaire’s Disease from water fountains, so water features were out, too.

Kim and her associates finally persuaded the health center to permit bamboo in raised planters that clients wouldn’t have the ability to access. The soil that holds them is 98 percent inorganic. \”Basically, the only thing that will grow in soil like that are weeds, and bamboo is a charming weed.\” The healthcare facility personnel have committed to putting a tarp on the bamboo and spraying them three times a year to keep them tidy.

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ASLA 2013 Professional General Style Honor Award. The Crown Sky Garden: Ann & & Robert H. Lurie Kid’s Medical facility of Chicago/ George Heinrich Photography.

To get around the truth that no open water might be allowed, Kim created water features that bubble up through marble. And a fallen tree, which Frederick Law Olmsted planted in a park in Chicago more than 100 years ago, was reclaimed and become incredibly tactile benches and interactive art pieces. Sealed together with resin and lit from within, the tree sculptures also include kids’ hand prints, which when touched, activate noises of water.

ASLA 2013 Professional General Design Honor Award. The Crown Sky Garden: Ann & & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Healthcare facility of Chicago/ Mikyoung Kim Style.

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